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OCR02618 - *YES* Mega Man 6 & 9 'Liquid Metal'


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Remixer 1 Name: Rexy (real name: Beverley Wooff)

OCRemix user ID: 7528

Remixer 2 Name: Brandon Strader

OCRemix user ID: 3123

Remix info:-

Remix title: "Liquid Metal"

Games covered: Mega Man 6 / Mega Man 9

Individual songs covered: Mr. X's Fortress (MM6), Splash Blue (MM9)



This mix was submitted for round 4 of the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet, blending in the Wily Castle theme for that round (Mr X's Fortress from Mega Man 6) and the lead arranger's chosen robot master (in this case Brandon and his uncanny obsession for Splash Woman) - taken in a comedy metal direction!


I made a song and it had Rexy screaming on it.


Yes, the mix churned in was pretty much the result of some death metal vocal training during the mix week and the desire to make a melodic metal arrangement out of Splash Woman after experimenting with 3 other genres. Think Arch Enemy meets Dethklok meets Children of Bodom and you've probably got the idea of what happened with this one.


You should talk about what the song meant for you as it is ur FURST GRUWL SUNG!


Of course I know what it meant for me; I haven't done non-choir-chant vocals in a song for 5 years, past attempts at growling over the years were often met with a consensus of 'you suck', and yet I still appreciated the genre enough to understand the feel. So I'm practically coming out of the fish tank on this one, which I think was a huge step up in regards to confidence :o


I made the song I wanted to make and I like it, and Rexy screamed on it. And it's funny. I wrote the lyrics to keep it from getting british dry humor in it. It had to be wet. American wet comedy.


Careful, if you look at American humor as 'watered down' you're guaranteed an automatic rejection! But either way, we both had great fun working on this thing, and hopefully you'd enjoy it as much as we did with the mix craft :D


Friday, friday, finished the song on Friday.. because I was looking forward to the weekend, weekend.


**facepalm** Brandon, I swear 'you so excited' for something completely different.

-Brandon & Bev-


Beneath the ocean lies a special dame

She'll introduce you to a world of pain

This little mermaid's not afraid of war

Your broken body will soon drift ashore

Her power over fish is without doubt

She'll slap you around a bit with the largest trout

But I bet you can't play guitar like THIS with those gimpy little fins!

Yeah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm here to set things straight

I'm a fish I bet you wish you'd ate

You'll be the one that smells like sushi

When I shove my trident up your caboosey

I could go for a fish buffet

Or I could trap you in my bidet

I've got an aquarium full of fear

I'll lock you in there and fill it with beer

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

One fish, two fish, red fish, BLUE FISH!



- Caboose

- y
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I can't get over how silly the lyrics are, but you have them metal screamed. It's adorable in a strange way. I'm definitely really impressed with Rexy's ability to scream, so nice work there. Including 'caboosey' into the lyrics is something of an accomplishment in itself, kudos on that. ;)

The mix itself is pretty fun, the sources are definitely there and treated well. The integration of the two sources is pretty seamless; I wouldn't have guessed that they were separate tracks without being told. The vocals are generally a bit overpowering, but there really isn't much else going on so it's not much of an issue.

Overall this is probably not going to be the most popular of songs, but it's a fun listen.


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Rexi is pretty br00tal sounding, so her matching Brandons vocals is cool. This sound is completely ridiculous, but i think the blackmetal genre is pretty much a parody of itself anyways, so it really works. I thank you fine British folk for adding the word "caboosey" to the lexicon.

The production is a bit muddy in spots, but the arrangement is really good, and this really isn't something. Solos were fun, and the huge ROOOOOOOOOWWWWWRRRRRRR was epic. Overall this is a spot of silly fun, and it's performed well enough to get the nod from me. Watch those low mids though!


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Honestly, I've got nothing to really add here, the production is sufficiently brutal (I love the lead guitar tone on this, Splash Woman's theme sounds awesome this way!) I think the vocals are a little bit too up-front and covering up a lot of the backing instruments, but it's not a huge issue in the grand scheme of things. The aim here is obviously silliness and humor (the lyrics are totally cornball but that actually makes them more endearing. The one fish, two fish bit is hilarious) and the genre choice works well to further that goal, but the song is still very listenable on its own thanks to some great performances on the guitar.

I'm pretty impressed with how well this little experiment worked, actually. Good job you guys!


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