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Frederic Petitpas

Looking for an old "horror" NES game (title?)

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Hey guys, yeah I have this game in memory but I can't find it...

I use to play it like what.. 20 years ago ? I guess I was so little that titles were not important back then if it wasn't labeled Zelda or Mario.. :)

All I can remember is that the game was a side scroller and that at some point of the game, you transform into a flying thing (I think it was a bat), and a bit later you become normal again.

I've checked top 100 compilations on YouTube and searche don google, but I won't find it.

Does it sound familiar to someone here ?

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want a good horror game?

sweet home

get it

patch it with the english patch

turn off the lights

enjoy 8-bit horror goodness

I was actually gonna recommend this as well. fucking creepy as fuck game. IF you think 8-bit cant be scary.. you are so damn wrong

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