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New Year's Resolutions Thread 2012 Edition


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Oh, why not.

NYRs for 2013:

- Cultivate a healthier relationship to my music, and really get in touch with my enjoyment and passion for it, by making music I love regularly (when feasible), whatever music that ends up being.

- Also do more to share music with others, with live streams, posting music publicly on the internet, live performances, or collaborating with other musicians, etc. Whichever of these avenues feels right to me.

- Expand my teaching business with teaching group classes in subjects I love, such as electronic music, sound recording, maybe something computer sciencey. Also do more to promote the business, with FB, website, or whatever way feels right.

I have an acoustic album that I am hoping to finish in 2013, but I'm not going to make a resolution out of it. I'm going to focus on getting as much enjoyment out of making music as I can, and I believe that when that comes first, the rest will fall into place. Too often we turn our creative passions into chores like "I have to practice ___ every day" or "I need to finish this by ___" and I'm taking a different approach this time.

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