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My Bandcamp: ~200 free Chiptune/Electronic songs

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My bandcamp site is now live!



-Over 200 songs (that's more than 10 HOURS!), produced over 7 years

-...most of which is absolutely FREE to download

-Awesome pixel art album art covers for free music releases, grouped by month (example)

-Batch downloads for your convenience

-24 OHC 1st place entries, 12 OHC 2nd place entries, 14 OHC 3rd place entries, and 2 FLMC winners

-Soundtracks for 3 video games, all programmed by me

-Mega Man remixes, Zelda remixes, collabs, Reason rewire experiments, a 16-minute song, and more!

So go, now! Download! Comment! Donate!

Follow me for updates:

And for even more cool stuff that I do, check out my main website:

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I remember opening one of your OHC tracks like a year ago and almost shitting my pants when I saw it was over 5 or 6 minutes long. AND IT WAS PRETTY GOOD, TOO.

I'll definitely check out your bandcamp musix :D

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