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OCR Mascot Bios - 20 more up for grabs!


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But what about the people who flock to OC after the revolution and don't know anything about video games? They need to know who Mario is.

What about the kids? I was thinking the other day, "I hope someday some kid finds it cool that I'm whistling Sonic the Hedgehog music." Then I realized that kids today haven't played the old Genesis games and won't know what I'm whistling.


I feel old.

EDIT: I don't want to postwhore:

When all the bios are written, we'll probably want an editor to go through them and make the style and formatting consistent (as well as fix typos, grammar, etc.). Depending on when that is, I'd be happy to proofread them, or some of them. I'm not a professional editor, but I took enough English classes that I consider myself qualified. In any event, that's a while into the future, but it's something to keep in mind when we're closing in on completion.

EDIT AGAIN: Is the Mario bio too long? I took out the very extranneous, and it's Mario after all, but...thoughts?

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Good work, Linearity. No Mario bio will never be perfect, but you did a good job. We can leave it as is until the final "edit" that you mentioned. However - and I've said this before, and it's part of the guidelines as well - we need some "related links" or links to fansites with every bio, if you can find them. Maybe 5 or so, tops.

Also, yeah, I feel old too. There's an N64 generation out there who honestly believe Zelda 5 (OoT) is the first Zelda game. Many also seem to think Super Mario 64 was Mario's first, and that Mario Kart 64 was Donkey Kong's... etc. The truth is out there... But most people don't give a damn.

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Lilith Aensland



Lilith Aensland is a character in the Darkstalkers series of fighting games. She is a seemingly young succubus with a cheerful persona and an appetite for violence. She is, in her essence, one third of the destructive power of the Scottish succubus Morrigan Aensland.

Both succubi technically came into existence as one at Morrigan's birth in 1678. At that time, however, Morrigan's father Belial sealed away a part of her power. Over many years that power developed a consciousness, and named herself Lilith Aensland. When Morrigan reached 300 years old, Jedah, the Lord of the Vampire, released Lilith and gave her a transient physical form. He told her that if she helped him unite the souls of the Dark World with himself, he would reunite her with her real body: Morrigan. This prospect is her reason for fighting in the game.


Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (1994)

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (1995)

Darkstalkers 3 (1997)


Wikipedia's Lilith page


- Darkstalkers 3 manual

The Darkstalker's Realm

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Hopefully not too much overlap.

EDIT: "The OCR Mascot Bio Project: Letting you in on what that one hot picture on the randomizer is all about." ;) And I will add more links to all of my bios soon.


Morrigan and Lilith Aensland



After being given a temporary body by Jedah, the Lord of the Vampire, the youthful succubus Lilith Aensland realizes that her liberator has no intention of keeping his promise to reunite her with her real body.

Lilith makes her way desperately to Morrigan Aensland, her true body and origin of her soul. She interupts a battle between Morrigan and Demitri Maximov and begs Morrigan to fuse with her. She falls unconscious as her temporary body begins to die.

Morrigan senses something familiar in the girl (as Lilith was indeed once a part of her), and the two succubi fuse in essence. Afterward, Morrigan appears no different than she was before, but her disposition lightens akin to Lilith's and she feels darker emotions. Perhaps such feelings are a response to Lilith's destructive nature, for which the two were separated in the first place.


This reunion takes place in Darkstalkers 3 (1997).


Wikipedia's Lilith page


- Darkstalkers 3 manual

The Darkstalker's Realm

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This might be too long.


Mega Man



Mega Man is the protagonist of the seminal platforming game of the same name and its large series of sequels. He was designed by Keiiji Inafune.

In Mega Man, Dr. Thomas Light, a pioneering robotics engineer in the 21st century, builds a robotic assistant for himself that can perform household duties autonomously. Dr. Light, along with his colleague Dr. Albert W. Wily, creates six other highly advanced robots to supervise the operation of less intelligent robots. However, Dr. Wily reprograms these "master robots" and employs them in a campaign to take control of the world.

Upon learning of this campaign, Dr. Light's robotic assistant asks him to refit his metal body for battle against Dr. Wily and the master robots. Dr. Light accommodates this request, and his assistant becomes Mega Man, sporting a new helmet and a plasma cannon in his arm called the "Mega Buster." Mega Man thereafter makes it his duty to foil Dr. Wily's plans for world domination, and does so time and again throughout the Mega Man classic series.

Mega Man's characteristic ability is that of copying the technology from a defeated foe's weapon into his own arsenal. That is, whenever he defeats a master robot, he can thereafter use the robot's primary weapon system against his enemies. His abilities have also expanded since the original Mega Man (in which he can only run, jump, and shoot small plasma bursts at shoulder level) to include sliding, charging the Mega Buster for more powerful shots, and fusing bodies with his robotic dog Rush.

Some Primary Appearances

Mega Man (1987)

Mega Man II (1988)

Mega Man III (1990)

Mega Man IV (1991)

Mega Man V (1992)

Mega Man VI (1993)

Mega Man: The Wily Wars (1993)

Mega Man VII (1995)

Mega Man VIII (1997)


Capcom's Official Mega Man Web Site

The Mega Man Home Page

Wikipedia's Mega Man page


- Mega Man manual

Wow, those first few Mega Man manuals are...special. Official documents--that is, what the story actually is--weren't even consistent back then.

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Thanks, Dafydd. As soon as spring break's over, I'll probably generally disappear again, so I'm hitting it hard this week. I'll do what I can in the coming weeks.


Terra Branford



Terra is arguably the primary character in Final Fantasy VI. She is the first person naturally capable of magic since the apocalyptic War of the Magi years before the game's story begins. As such she represents a time of change and turmoil.

Her rare ability to use magic interests the Empire, and the imperial army attempts to control her power for its own ends. She is enslaved in both body and mind and made into a Magitek knight: a soldier who operates a machine (called Magitek armor) infused with manufactured magical power.

During this time, until one of the first scenes of the game, Terra is without a friend and without the feelings of a proper human. In this early scene, Terra reacts powerfully to a magical being called an Esper and the army's locks upon her mind break. She is confused, as she has for so long been without her own thoughts and free will. This confusion about her feelings, magnified by other parts of her nature revealed piecemeal throughout the story, is an important personal struggle for Terra. It tests and shapes her spirit as she fights the Empire with a resistance group called the Returners, which are some of the only friends she has ever known.


Final Fantasy VI


Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough by Atom Edge (hosted on GameFAQs)

Wikipedia's Terra page

Final Fantasy VI Online


- Final Fantasy III (U.S. release of FFVI) manual

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Wow. Well, just keep the quality up, and you can post as many bios as you like, man. You'll soon have passed watkinzez in bio count at this rate. :)

One thing though - try to make the creator company name a link to the company, instead of plain text, as shown in your last bio. It's only a small thing, but it'll need to be fixed in the end anyway.

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I'll leave you I-No, then, since I'm a huge fan of the music but never actually played the game. And I like how Bridget looks in the avatar.

I think all of my bios are now complete content-wise (i.e. links to companies and extra interesting links). But they certainly are not stylistically constistent.

Bleh. I'm getting bio-ed out. But it's okay, I'm not ditchin the project: I have to beat watkinzez, after all. :razz:

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Is that a challenge? Bring it on, bitch.

The Prince




The Prince, while being the playable character in Katamari Damacy, goes to the extremes of characterisation. That is, he has almost none. Appearing mute throughout the game, and receiving little screen time due to his very expressive father, The King of All Cosmos, Prince is given the task of cleaning a rather large mess. The King, in a drunken stupor, accidentally destroyed all the stars in the sky one night, leaving his only son to find enough material on earth to rebuild the stars.

While apparently an impossible task to the 5 centimetre tall Prince, the player is given one very useful object to help them, the Katamari. This small, round item could attach itself to anything not larger than itself, of which The Prince rolled around to pick up anything not bolted to the ground. Pencils could lead to books, which led to dogs, which led to people, buildings and mountains. Indeed, after much collecting, The Prince could barely be seen rolling the ball. These katamaries could then eventually replace the stars that were once lost.

Katamari Damacy quickly grew a fan base in gaming circles, seeing The Prince and his game as a breath of fresh air. Such was the basis for We ♥ Katamari, where Prince and The King attempted to satisfy the requests from their newfound fans. The Prince has many cousins, which appeared in the original but were playable in the sequel’s single player.

Quote: "See you again soon!"


Katamari Damacy Wikipedia Page

Aechris’ Katamari Damacy Walkthrough

Games The Prince has appeared in:


Katamari Damacy (2004)

We ♥ Katamari (2005)


Me and My Katamari (2005)

I’m assuming the plural is katamaries.

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Yeah, we're doing pretty good right now, thanks to you guys. You rock :)

Katamari Damacy certainly has some cool box art. Won't people get mad at the Prince for swiping everything useful from the ground? Oh, and, maybe we should ask someone who knows Japanese about how to pluralize katamari, in case someone should find that to be of any significance. It's probably not worth the effort. The only one I know to know Japanese would be pixietricks... and the guy who posted in the general forum saying the katakana in the OCR logo was funny looking. Meh. Nevermind. Thanks a ton, all of you. If we keep this up, we'll have the bios finished before summer and will only have to reorganize things during it to have the project complete before school starts this fall. These are just dreams of mine, of course. :)

Anything I do takes a long time, it seems, but I'm working on a Tomb Raider bio, one for ToeJam & Earl and a Yoshi one, so leave those to me for now. I also have 3 or so WiP's in the forum. :-D

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Alright, it's on now, sucker. [/securing defeat due to time constraints]





Pac-Man is the character controlled by players of the singularly popular arcade game Pac-Man. He is a spherical yellow man with an apparent ability to eat without limit. In this game, Pac-Man traverses circuitous mazes while eating small, white pellets and being chased by four brightly-colored ghosts.

Pac-Man's character has not been much developed, which can be expected from the game's capitalization on action and puzzle-solving rather than story. However, he is revealed in the arcade game Ms. Pac-Man (released by Midway without authorization from Namco) to have a romantic interest of the same name as well as a child, both of whom are round, yellow people like him. In Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, Pac-Man's various moods play a role in gameplay. In Pac-Man World, Pac-Man travels to one Ghost Island to rescue his friends from a nemesis called Toc-Man.

The original Pac-Man is among the most widely-played video games ever made. Many who play no other video games have played Pac-Man at some point. This is arguably due to the universal accessibility of its gameplay. Whatever the source of its popularity, Pac-Man is for many people a definitive video game.

Some Primary Appearances:

Pac-Man (1980)

Ms. Pac-Man (1981)

Super Pac-Man (1982)

Pac-Attack (1993)

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures (1994)

Pac-Man World (1999)

Pac-Man World 2 (2002)

Pac-Man World 3 (2005)


Wikipedia's Pac-Man page


- Pac-Man World manual

Other Links:

The 1st Church of Pac-Man

GameSpot's "The History of Pac-Man"

Wow I thought that would be easier.

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I don't know if anyone has named these for you yet or not, but they're not named in the .txt file in the first post so here you go (note: I'm just identifying them for now, might get around to writing bios though):

ocr4_mascot36.jpgWashizuka - The Last Blade 1 & 2 (NeoGeo)

ocr4_mascot41.jpgKyo Kusanagi - King of Fighters Series (not sure which version this particular mascot pic was taken from though)

ocr4_mascot45.jpgKaede - The Last Blade 1 & 2 (He has dark hair in the first game and it turns blonde in his ending. He keeps his blonde look for the sequel... no one else plays NeoGeo games I take it?)

So that just leaves 86 and 101... both of them look familiar but I can't place them...


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Thanks a bunch, guys. Leaves us only 2 unkown... #101 reminds me of the vampire in the graveyard in Baldur's Gate II, sort of.


While similar, I wouldn't dare guess they're the one and same. They look like they could be in the same game universe though.

About pac-man; since there's so little to little to write about the person, try to further emphasize his impact on the world of gaming, the fact that the first game has a gazillion (well, maybe not quite that many) flash remakes online... or something. We could use at least one more paragraph here. And please, add links to your bios! This one would go well with the pac-man bio: http://www.flamingmayo.com/firstchurchofpacman/ . We could even have a link that says "Play pac-man now!" :)

We could leave this linkage work for later, but it'd be so much easier if we all just did it right away.

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Cloud Strife




Cloud Strife is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. He is a reserved young man of 21 years whose business is fighting.

Before the game's story begins, Cloud was employed by Shinra, Inc. as a member of its elite military force called SOLDIER. During his time in this group, he trained his way to become a first-class fighter who is devastating with his impossibly huge "Buster Sword." Eventually he quit SOLDIER and became a mercenary, using his military training on odd jobs.

The game begins with Cloud on a mission with AVALANCHE, a small group of rebels resisting the operations of Shinra. The group hires Cloud to help them fight their way into one of Shinra's Mako Reactors and explode it with a bomb from within. Cloud's involvement with AVALANCHE leads him into an ever-expanding conflict, resurrecting many dark issues from his past, that forms the main of Final Fantasy VII's plot.

Cloud, at the game's outset, speaks only when necessary and in a flat, harsh tone. He seems to care little for sentiment and prioritizes himself and his work over most anything else. The darkness of his personality compliments the dark mood that characterizes the game in general.


Final Fantasy VII (1997)



- Final Fantasy VII manual

Wikipedia's Final Fantasy VII page

Other Links:

Final Fantasy VII Online

IMDb's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children page

Square-Enix's official Final Fantasy VII site

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Sol Badguy




Sol Badguy is one of the recurring characters in the Guilty Gear series, and is generally believed to be the main character. He worked on developing the magical weapons known as Gears and was personally acquainted with the leader of the project, a person only known as "That Man." Sol himself is a prototype Gear, and the headband he wears both suppresses his darker nature and hides the telltale marks of being a Gear.

After rebelling against That Man and fighting the Gears on his own, Sol joined the Sacred Order, a band of humans under the command of Ky Kiske leading a Holy War against the Gears. Near the end of the Crusade, Sol fought the Commander Gear Justice and lost, giving Ky time to seal away Justice and end the Crusade himself. Sol left the Sacred Order shortly thereafter, taking with him his trademark Firebrand sword and a deep hatred for Ky.




Major Appearances:

Guilty Gear (Arcade, Playstation) 1998

Guilty Gear X (Arcade, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation 2) 2000

Guilty Gear XX (Arcade, Playstation 2) 2002

Guilty Gear Isuka (PC, Playstation 2, XBox) 2004

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (DS) 2006

Guilty Gear Judgement (PSP) 2006

Other Links:



Better? More links?

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This game looks really dumb.





In Space Channel 5, an band of space aliens called the Morolians invades Earth by forcing the populace, through use of a strange ray gun, to dance uncontrollably. The television news service Space Channel 5 sends its last unaffected reporter, Ulala, to report on the invasion.

After her seniors are afflicted by the invaders' compelling rays, the 22-year-old Ulala is promoted to the network's investigative reporting team. In hopes of demonstrating her journalistic potential, she travels to Spaceport 9, the location of the first incident of imposed dancing. There she must accurately imitate the Morolians' dance moves, which forms the basis of the game.


Space Channel 5 (1999)

Space Channel 5 Special Edition (2003)

Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack (2003)



- Space Channel 5 manual

Wikipedia's Space Channel 5 page

GameFAQs.com's Space Channel 5 Special Edition page

Other Links:

spacechannel5.org fansite

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