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OCR Mascot Bios - 20 more up for grabs!


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I can make a perv-... sorry, an inverse list. It's just a matter of removing the finished ones from the txt list. Do you really want it on the first post though? It would make that post about one page longer on the screen, and it's huge already... I think I'll make the inverse list a txt file that has a link somewhere in the first post. Soon. :)

Thanks for the bio on Edge, teletubby man. Does Edge have a "quote", like most beat'em up characters usually have? Something like Ryu's "Soyoken" or "Hadoken" or whatever it is he's saying? Or, like they sometimes have, an embarrassing line they always say after winning a match? :)

Linearity - I'll try contacting Zeality myself. Having someone like him write the Chrono Trigger related bios would be perfect. Of course, if you wanna write them yourselves, go ahead.

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Well, he hasn't replied to me either. Yet. And LAOS is the only one to join the project after me asking him to do so, so far. Most of the others have not replied or replied with "nope, sorry" or equivalent. Anyway, I'm not expecting anyone do much work right now - exams are coming up and all. In June, though, I hope everyone that can will focus on this a little, and with a little effort, I think we could write all of the bios before school starts again. And I'll be writing them, too. :)

The inverse list has now replaced the full mascot list in the first post. If you see a mistake in it, or if a bio you've written is not in the list of progress, please tell me. It's a lot of bios to keep track of. :)

I've asked Atolmazel, who wrote Azel's bio, to write Orta's as well. The two are in the same series, after all.

EDIT: Infinite HP has answered my PM and tells me he might join us when things have settled down a little in his life. Again, most of us have exams coming up and so forth, so I'm not expecting much visible progress the coming few weeks.

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Now that there's a decent amount of bios done, perhaps a 'dibbing' system should be in order on the front page? Say someone claims a character, and then they have one week or so to produce it before it gets taken off the list. Saves people accidentally doubling up, and takes care of anyone who might slack and sit on a bio for months. Good idea?

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Ok. How about this - I provide a list on the first page that says "the following bios are in progress, don't pick those" or the likes? Keeping track of who's doing what is going to be a mess, but I think I can keep track of what's currently being done and of how long something's been dibbed without much progress. Good enough? I'll post one right away and write what I know right now.

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Neverland (Japan) (developer) / Natsume (publisher)




Wain is your run-of-the-mill swordsman from the quiet village of Patos. Not one to back down from a challenge, Wain's tenacity gets the better of him in verbal disputes as well as physical ones. This is evident in his fights with Seena, a wandering gypsy, who downplays his brains out of spite and sympathy.

Soon after they meet, the nearby Death Tower strikes a house with a bolt of lightning, setting the house aflame. Wain rescues the girl trapped inside, and collapses thereafter. Seena nurses him back to health, and the two become "pals."

As per the backstory surrounding all Lufia games, the Sinistrals of Chaos, Destruction, Terror, and Death have arisen to wreak havoc upon the world. Seena's visions, coupled with her compliments on Wain's bravery, help convince him to join up with her, stop the Sinistrals, and earn fame and fortune along the way. Wain, seventeen, is the first of eleven recruits in the company of Seena, sixteen.

Quote: "You called me stupid again!"

Selected Game Appearances


Lufia: The Legend Returns (2001)


Wikipedia - Lufia: The Legend Returns

Lufia World - Lufia: The Legend Returns

RPGClassics - Lufia 3


Also, in the first post, it's "Terra Branford" (#97), not Terry Brandford. :wink:

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Solid Snake




Solid Snake is the protagonist for several of the Metal Gear games, and helped introduce the stealth genre into gaming. Voiced by David Hayter, Snake is simply a codename that cements his place as an elite soldier used for the highest, most hazardous missions that the US government has. He is a one man army- there is no backup given to him while on assignment, and if caught his existence will be denied. In destroying various incarnations of the nuclear weapon Metal Gear, his track record on missions has earned himself a reputation.

Snake is a clone of who is told to be the greatest soldier in the 20th Century, Big Boss. He earned his marks during the original Metal Gear title, infiltrating a South African state known as Outer Heaven. Under Special Operations Group FOXHOUND he was directed by Big Boss to assess the situation. Eventually it is realized that Boss is in fact leading Snake on and is unmasked as the villain behind the operation. Taking on Big Boss and the warhead equipped tank Metal Gear, Snake successfully neutralized the threat and became known for his style and dependability.

Each successive title in the series revealed a deeper backstory to Snake’s character, painting him initially as a person who may not agree with his superiors but keeps his mind on the objective of the mission. Much of the Metal Gear games concentrate on the ethics of war and that associated with it, of which Snake learns and teaches throughout the series. His unique style and manner on the battlefield has garnered popularity towards the Metal Gear games, which still continue dominantly on the Playstation platform.

Quote: “It's easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield.”


Solid Snake Wikipedia Page

The Sons of Big Boss- The Snakes

Games Solid Snake has appeared in:


Metal Gear (1987)

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (1990)


Metal Gear Solid (1998)


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001)

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Hey all.

Just swinging by to say that the bios for all the Darkstalkers characters are basically done, but I intend to go through and rewrite the first three (one of those things where as you did them, you got better at it by the second half). I contacted Linearity a few weeks ago and gave her the same basic status update, but I've been swamped with finals work and second to final projects. As such, I haven't gotten to go through them yet. But with this semester coming to a close soon, I'll be able to finish them up.

Anyway, they're basically complete, they just need some cleaning up. And you won't believe how many games Morrigan's been in :lol:

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Ukyo Tachibana





Ukyo Tachibana is a lone samurai with a simple-minded passion to keep those he loves safe. As much of a heartthrob he is with the ladies, only one woman, Kei Odagiri, looks past his blue hair and sees his solemn nature. It is this understanding that wins Ukyo's heart, and he seeks to win hers with a gift: the perfect flower.

Inevitably, battles come between the samurai and his quest. Ukyo faces away from his opponent, a stance and secretive style which plays on the blindness of the Japanese film character Zatoichi. He quickly draws and sheaths his blade more than he strikes with it, and his attacks, with names like Concealed Sabre Swallow Swipe and Ghostly Dashing Slice, bear an element of swift surprise in them.

But Ukyo's time is limited. Stricken with tuberculosis, he coughs up blood before and after battles. Could finding the perfect flower be more trouble than it's worth?

Quote: "The moment I drew my sword, the fight was over. Ho-hum."

Selected Game Appearances


Samurai Shodown (1993)

Samurai Shodown II (1994)

Samurai Shodown III (1995)


Samurai Shodown 64 (1997)


Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (1999)


Wikipedia - Ukyo Tachibana

Samurai Shodown Official Website - Ukyo Tachibana

Fighters Generation - Ukyo Tachibana

Blue Spirit: Ukyo Tachibana

Samurai Shodown Game Manual (SNES)

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And with this, the 50% project completion bar has been passed. :)

Toejam & Earl




It was a quiet day in space. Toejam (the red one with three legs) was driving his spaceship through the galaxy, Earl (the fat one with the swimming shorts) at his side, the funk playing in the speakers. Everything was the same as always. But then Earl wanted to drive... and at the vertiginous speeds of space travel, he ran into a large object that came out of nowhere - Earth!

Toejam & Earl was designed by its creators to introduce a number of things into the gaming world - more character, more humour, and perhaps most important of all: more Funk. After crashing down on Earth, which is portrayed in the game from top-down view as an absurd world consisting of grassy, or desertous, floating islands in a starry sky, complete with water, trees and boogeymen, Toejam and Earl had to search the planet for the 10 parts that their spaceship broke into during the crash - accompanied by funk music, and by walking about 10 different levels, connected by elevators - so that they can go back home to planet Funkotron. Presents lying about on the ground would help them in their quest by providing them with upgrades such as spring shoes, rocket skates and wings, or weapons, like tomatoes. The whole game is coloured by striking innovativity and hilariosity, and it even includes a game mode that allows the player to make the two characters dance to the music!

Toejam & Earl was sequeled in "Panic on Funkotron", in which the two return to their home only to find out they've accidentially brought back some earthlings with them, which they then have to catch and send back home. The game's change into a platformer side-view took away some of the game's original feel, which was restored when the third game in the series, a 3D follow-up on the first game's style, was released on the X-box, 9 years later.

In between these games, Toejam and Earl have appeared in a minigame shipped with the SEGA Light Gun "the Menacer" called "Ready! Aim! Tomatoes!" in which the player uses the gun to make Toejam throw tomatoes at all sorts of things (while Earl keeps the score), as well as in "Orly's Draw-A-Story", which is a children's game that focuses on computer based drawing/painting.


the Genesis Collective

Sega-16's Toejam & Earl history page

ToeJam & Earl's Wikipedia page

Some page about Orly's Draw-a-Story

Toejam & Earl's creators' site



ToeJam & Earl (1991)

Ready! Aim! Tomatoes! (1992)

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (1993)


Orly's Draw-A-Story (1996)


ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth (2002)

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Mega Man X (Full Armor)




The Mega Man series has always had a small RPG element - the ability to collect your enemies' weapons and to use them against other enemies. The X series introduced something else to the franchise as well - the ability to upgrade your armor and gain new abilities, by finding upgrade capsules left by Dr. Light as his last legacy. Mega Man's sliding ability was first introduced in Mega Man 3 (NES) and in Mega Man II (GB) (Mega Man slides - feet first, X dashes - head first), but X needs to find a pair of new boots before he can dash (although only in the first game in the series).

Other upgrades in Mega Man X include the helmet upgrade that allows X to break certain blocks as he butts into them, and the X buster upgrade that allows X to charge his shots beyond his normal charged shot into an enormously powerful and purple wall of plasma. This X buster upgrade also allows him to fire charged shots of the new weapons he recieves during the game. Each game in the series starts with X in his standard armor, and introduces new abilities to come with the upgrades as the series progresses - the armors are not the same in all of the games, and they also don't look the same. For example, in Mega Man X 2, the armor upgrade not only allows X to take more damage, but it also enables him to, if it's fully charged, perform a powerful attack that kills almost everything on the screen at once (the effect is similar to the super bomb in Super Metroid). The picture above is how the armor looks in Mega Man X 2.

Quote: *blink*



Mega Man X 1993

Mega Man X2 1994


Mega Man X3 1995


Mega Man X4 1997


Mega Man Zero

Mega Man Zero 2 2003



The Mega Man X games and manuals


Related links:

the Mega Man Home Page

Later on, references to X and Mega Man will be made into links to their respective bio pages. I've asked Smoke to rewrite the existing Mega Man and X bios, as they're not entirely satisfactory.

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That missing 'w' will remain a mystery... oh, and you listed the same url for ToeJam & Earl Productions, Inc. and the creators' site (www.tjande.com). Other than that, never knew the game was so into funk. Cool.







Lego-like in appearance, Servbots are the comically clumsy yet indestructible henchmen created by Tron Bonne, a pirate in Mega Man Legends. There are forty Servbots in total, each with their own unique personality, though they do share the high-pitched vocals of children.

As their name implies, Servbots are servant robots. They are programmed to work together, whether it's cooking and cleaning aboard the Gesellschaft (the Bonnes' airship) or controlling tanks and uberconceptualized robotic giants in battle. They're also seen rescuing Bonnes who've met disaster at Mega Man's arm cannon.

Tron loves them all the way a real mother would: scolding them when they botch up a task, praising and rewarding them when they get it right. As such, Tron and her Servbots are extremely popular characters in Mega Man Legends. Tron becomes a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the Servbots punctuating her attacks, and their relationship is explored further in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

Quote: "Yay! Yay! She thanked us! Three cheers for Miss Tron!"

Selected Game Appearances


Mega Man Legends (1997)

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne (1999)

Mega Man Legends 2 (2000)


Mega Man 64 (2000)


Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (2000)


Wikipedia - Servbot

Fighters Generation - Servbot

Mega Man Legends Station

Mega Man Legends Universe

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Rock! I like how those songs don't waste any dead space on loop. Thanks Dafydd! :)



Game Arts (Japan) (developer) / Working Designs (publisher)




When the Mega CD hit American shores under the name of Sega CD, sales looked initially grim. The disc-based addendum to the Sega Genesis offered few capabilities, and indeed few memorable titles, for its high price, until Game Arts spun its reputation around with the release of Lunar: The Silver Star. Showcasing anime-style cut scenes, a rich soundtrack, and a plethora of new gameplay elements, Lunar wowed RPG aficionados enough to spawn incrementally enhanced re-releases in later years to perfect the classic down to every detail.

The story itself revolves around a boy named Alex who aspires to become a Dragonmaster, like his hero, Dyne. One of his friends accompanying him on his adventure is Nall, a catlike, winged dragon who has grown up with Alex since the day a stranger gave Nall to Alex's father. At that time Alex was a small child, and so the boy-dragon pair have developed a brotherly bond over the years. Nall isn't afraid to speak his mind, laden with sarcastic gibes, American cultural quips, cat-in-a-wet-sack mood swings, and other nonsense. But for all the trouble he causes Alex (and the other heroes), he offers practical information and valuable insight along the way.

Nall comments on what the player finds in a treasure chest, on a shelf, in the middle of the path... anywhere. In addition to the RPG-earmarked ATTACK and RUN commands in battle, the NALL command lets the player know what enemies are attacking and what your chances for success are. While the dragon himself doesn't fight, he can revive a fallen party member with an urgent "Get back on your feet!" And to further add to his role of mentor / overseer, Nall SAVEs and LOADs the game, checks the ORDER (formation) of the party, and can DROP any unwanted items from the inventory.

Quote: "Coming through, old man... lovely scent by the way! Is that Eau de Cheap Whiskey?"

Selected Game Appearances


Lunar: The Silver Star (1992)


Lunar: Silver Star Story (1996)


Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (1999)


Lunar Legend (2001)


Wikipedia - Lunar: The Silver Star

RPGClassics - Lunar: The Silver Star

Lunar: The Silver Star Game Manual (Sega CD)


I should mention that on the Lunar mixes page, the developer is recorded as Working Designs, year 1993, which is the North American release. Above, I wrote Game Arts, year 1992 as the earlier release, in Japan. Is this going to cause unwanted confusion? Which do you think is the more accurate publisher / developer / year release?

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I've edited your bio so into what I think would be best. (Working Designs is apparently no more, and thus, no longer a website.) Disagreements?

Of course, I'm assuming "Working Designs" is the developer, not the publisher. I don't care much for publishers when it comes to who designed a character, unless the publisher and the developer are one and the same.

Oh, and if the SEGA CD has PAL/NTSC/JPN zones like most consoles do, maybe listing "(JPN)" (or whatever it's called) and "(NTSC/PAL)" would be more accurate than "(Japan)" and "(elsewhere)". :)

Also, in accordance with new guidelines, Linearity's dibs on the I-No Bio has expired. It is now up for grabs for anyone (including Linearity, of course) ! (I doubt anyone else is gonna do it in his stead, but these are the rules of the experimental "dibs system" we started recently. :D )

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Working Designs is the U.S. publisher. Though I suppose it would help to credit all companies, website or no website, that had a part in the game's pimping over time, not just the initial inception. Some people associate Lunar with Working Designs anyhow, what with its American release. Fine by me.

And yeah, quite a few game company sites are in Japanese, so a little (JPN) heads-up would suffice.

Re the dibs system, I call Sagat next. One week or less. So mote it be!

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The bald, hulking Sagat wears no more than an eyepatch, a pair of trunks, and tape wrapped around his knuckles and soles, and is a master of Muay Thai kickboxing. In the first Street Fighter, he is the last boss to be fought, right after Adon, another Muay Thai kickboxer. Sagat defended the world's strongest title from one Go Hibiki, who cost him the use of his right eye. But another challenger, Ryu, unleashed a desperate Shoryuken (Dragon Punch) on Sagat, scarring his chest and seizing the title from him.

Enraged, Sagat trained with thoughts of vengeance emanating from his scar, going so far as to make Ryu's moves his own. His high and low Tiger Shots are his version of Ryu's Hadouken, and his Tiger Uppercut mirrors the Shoryuken. He also executes a gut-clenching Tiger Knee, which can pass through projectiles. Combined with his height and long reach, Sagat is one intimidating Street Fighter.

Sagat's fighting qualities catch the attention of M. Bison, leader of the Shadoloo crime organization. He grants the former world champion the position of bodyguard and, when the second World Warrior tournament beings, a chance for a rematch with Ryu. The only rematch Sagat accepts is an honorable fight to the death...

Quote: "You are not a warrior, you are a beginner."

Selected Game Appearances


Street Fighter (1987)

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991)

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (1992)

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1996)


Street Fighter EX 3 (2000)


SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom (2003)


Wikipedia - Sagat

Fighters Generation - Sagat

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting Game Manual (SNES)

Street Fighter Organization

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Hey guys.

Just giving yet another update. With one final down, and the others close to completion (better be, since they're due this week), I started working on rewriting the bios. So far tonight, I've gotten Jon Talbain, Morrigan, Lord Raptor and Lilith redone and touched up. I'll work on the other three tomorrow, as I'm tired now.

So four down, and three to touch up. PROGRESS!

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