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OCR02613 - *YES* Mega Man 5 & 9 'Derailed at Wily Temple'

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Contact Info:

Remixer name - Phonetic Hero

Real name - Pete Lepley

User ID - 44763

Submission Info:

Name of games - Mega Man 5 & 9 (I suppose you can list under MM5; Charge Man needs some love)

Name of arrangement - Derailed at Wily Temple

Composers - Mari Yamaguchi (MM5); Ippō Yamada, Yū Shimoda, Ryō Kawakami, Hiroki Isogai (MM9)

Source names (and links) - Charge Man Stage (Train Transport), Dr. Wily Stage 2: We are the Robots


Hey Js, it's been a while, so BIRTHDAY SUB!! Well, it was on the 10th, so I'm a little late. Gimme a break, I just spent all day eating pizza, playing Mortal Kombat, watching movies, and going to Medieval Times for the day.

Anyway, onto the mix. This was my third piece for the WCRG (which was a ton of fun and really forced me to up my game, and I hope it's apparent), and for fun I wanted to revisit the vibe from Mayan Malfunction; turns out, it's a style I really really enjoy, and it would seem that the Pitfall soundtrack has had more of an influence than I previously thought. This one's obviously not as over-the-top glitchy, but there's definitely some saucey glitches and gating in there, especially on transitions. Ethnic drums are unbelievably fun :D I also enjoyed adding in the sitar and shakuhachi (Japanese flute). Also, on a more personal note, this mix was a sort of break through for me, since I made all my own synths. And since PoiZone is the only one I have and I'm too poor to buy anything else (and am too much of a pussy to torrent stuff), there's like, 12 instances of it (which I realize isn't like, a whole lot or anything, but it worked). So yeah. pH can synthesize now, kind of. And all the while I've been trying to up my production game, which is far from good, but I'm learning

Source Breakdown (and a good one, since I left it out of my last sub):

0:06 - Wily 2 transition at 1:11 in the source

0:31 - Charge Man intro melody, minorized/interpreted

0:47 - Charge Man melody 2, again, minorized/interpreted; 0:11 in the CM source

1:00 - Sexy ethno-break; Charge Man melody 2B, 0:22 from the CM source

1:13 - Same thang, just with different instruments

1:25 - Back to Wily 2 transition

1:38 - CM chorus, 0:54 in the source, heavily interpreted

2:03 - Uh, I guess the same thing interpreted waaaay differently. I thought I switched it up more than that, but apparently not :P

2:15 - Pretty straight forward Wily 2, 0 :46 in the source

2:41 - Back to CM melodies from earlier, although the first is interpreted a little differently

3:05 - More straight forward Wily 2 with a bit of interp, 0:13 in the source

3:44 - Still Wily 2, looping back to the first part at 3:05 of the mix

3:56 - Back to the Wily 2 transition from the beginning of the mix to finish things out


- MM9

- MM5

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Pretty cool. Nice interpretation and arrangement of both themes.

Electronic drums seem to be fighting with the ethnic drums for attention, but it's not a dealbreaker. I do like the ethnic sound.

Sounds good. YES

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This is sweet, pretty much exactly what I've come to expect from Pete - aggressive drums, over-the-top glitching and stuttering, and a nice mix of ethnic instruments and synths to create that "temple-y" feel that you seem to love so much.

The level of detail in this mix is really what sells me on it. Your samples aren't the best and the sequencing is hardly realistic (the sitar particularly that comes in for a few seconds just sounds bad, I'd have replaced that with another instrument personally) but on the positive side your flutes sound pretty expressive, and the drumming/synth writing is insane. The arrangement drags a little bit, but it's not a major issue.

I think you still have a bit of a way to go before you fully nail down this style and get the production exactly where it needs to be, but this is a step in the right direction compared to your previous subs and I'm happy to throw another YES your way. Keep it up duder :-)


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well I'll be the guy to point out that some of the dblue/grossbeat stuff going on in here is totally obnoxious, but to people who don't write music/aren't familiar with such software might still find it pretty cool. ;P

gonna also say that I don't like your lead synth at all, it's pretty plain and lifeless, and kinda has this nauseous detuning/phase on it that bugs me. however the rest of the song has plenty of merit, the arrangement is pretty creative, and overall well executed.


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Yeah the glitching is a bit ott, as is some of the drum writing. Not the greatest synths or samples either.

Considering all that negative stuff, it comes across very well thanks to the detail in the arrangement as Emu noted. As a whole it's pretty cool.


Note: There is a fairly ridiculous resonance at the following times:




Probably one of the items of ethnic production in serious need of an EQ cut. I think it's worth asking for that to be fixed because once you notice it, it's very annoying.

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