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OCR01400 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 'It's My Turn to Dream'


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Hello. I am back. No, I do not just want to chat. I have another submission.



I am an existing ReMixer in the database, known all across the land as chthonic.

SPRITE REMIX (anyone remember that stuff? It was totally awesome) INFO:

Game: Zelda Link's Awakening (the good zelda game lol)

Songs Remixed: Ballad of the Windfish (everybody's doing it), Song of Storms (Zelda 64 (windmill)), Metal Man's Stage (Mega man... 2? Never played it.)

My comments: I like this one a lot. It was basically an attempt to stay faithful to a genre (Trance) while at the same time deviating furiously from it. I think I succeeded, and the end product is really quite... well, odd. Anyway, I'll let the music speak for itself because I am too lazy to think of all the notable things. Hopefully it will get some of you people out there in the Internet dancing.

Oh yeah, the Metal Man reference is actually just a reference to AE's "Stainless Steel", the mix that got me interested in making music of my own.

I hope you enjoy listening, because this one was fun to make.



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http://www.zophar.net/gbs/zelda.zip - Track 47

http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR00364 - "Stainless Steel"

http://www.snesmusic.org/spcsets/loz3.rsn - "Overworld" (loz3-04.spc) & "Dark World" (loz3-12.spc)

http://www.zophar.net/usf/lozusf.rar - 57 "Windmill Hut"

Good stuff. Pimped it back in late May for VGF:

Liontamer]chthonic - Zelda: Link's Awakening & Megaman 2 "It's My Turn to Dream" [VGMix2 #4141]

Everyone and their mother nowadays has been doing "Ballad of the Wind Fish" mixes, so much so that in this day and age of VG remixing, it's joined the ranks of the overmixed. But Ben decides to join the party with an electronic-based take on it that's a little different from the rest. Some of the synths and sounds are plain and generic, but the arrangement's got spirit, including MM2's "Metal Man Stage" thrown in there for good measure, as well as some Middle Eastern motifs featuring some brief Zelda 3 & Zelda 64: The Ocarina of Time references. If you feel like dancing...

Kind of generic synth drums and claps sprinkled in the intro, but I can live. Cool pattern underneath the arranged melody up until :42. The Wind Fish melody arrived at :43, and there's AE referenced in there at :58, along with an "Overworld" reference at 1:00. Really disliked the trance kick foundations here at 1:30, as it just comes across as the type of electronica where a bunch of the haters out there think OC is "all elelctronix crud 'n crud". Cool reference to "Dark World" at 2:20 and then "Song of Storms" at 2:27 while Wind Fish was briefly referenced a few times. Ben has some great ideas here in terms of layering the melodies of different source tunes together.

Those machine-gun-like synth drums fading in around 2:56 were fairly thin, so I wasn't feeling those, but otherwise, the production was pretty sharp and the whole track sounded clean but possessed a lot of fullness y power (lil' Spanish flava). Very nice arrangement of Wind Fish again at 3:11, really playing around with the rhythms and phrasing. Would have loved the Middle Eastern motifs at 2:12 & 3:41 to have been used more frequently, but it's no big deal to me. Well put-together and a great third ReMix.


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I heart 1:54. The staticky synth and bass drum with white noise snares eventually joined by some subtle hand percussion. Rhythmic stitching of this nature always makes me want to dance like YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!! And then BAMN right after that sweet dancebility up jumps the sitar giving birth to an insanely refreshing texture. One rarely seen inhabiting an "electronic-based" ReMix. The Windfish melody at 3:11 was marvelous with the improvisational approach to the phrasing and my favorite part of the source that you finally bring in at 3:34. Nicely Done! All the way through there's variety, gradual developement and sounds that while sometimes generic are always just right for the atmosphere.


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The intro alternatingly panned percussion rubbed me the wrong way - on headphones they kinda sound overbearing and annoying. I guess it's a minor gripe, but they got distracting during the less busier sections.

Now that's out of the way, the arrangement here was put together very nicely. Nice synths, they really do go well with the context of this mix. Very good percussion and drumwork all around, except for the bit noted above.

This is creative, and very nicely put together. Definitely the best I've heard from you. YES

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brilliant synth work here.

i am most impressed by how you played to the strengths of the themes; its hard to explain but you can't force a source to do something it isn't cut out to do sometimes... and here you fit a bunch of different shit together by using them in situations and places where they fit perfectly and together form a tapestry of coherence. i know that makes no sense but listening to this, even the cameos by various other videogame themes is fluid within the whole mix. very nice.

the production is also solid and very powerful. this is really pleasing to listen to... nothing jumps out at me offensively and the percussion is driving. funtastic

i think my only complaint is that its too short... that there are so many different directins that you go in that it feels almost rushed. this is such ADD food... i mean, my brain is loving the short spurts of attention span...

arrangement = A+, production = A, accessibility = A

all in all, a near flawless arrangement of one of the most beautiful videogame themes ever, the windfish.

beautiful work, bud


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