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Midwest Mini-Tour (Impromptu Meet Up[s])


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I'm having me another road trip, and I've always got time to meet good OCR people. I've been in Kansas City the last couple days, and hung out with Phonetic Hero and ShinnyMetal. Cool cats, both. The next couple weeks will find me in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Minneapolis, and Omaha. Anyone in those areas can PM me or respond in the thread if you'd like to make something happen. I'll be driving every mile of I-35 between DFW and the Twin Cities, too, and I usually pad my time so I'd have plenty of time to stop for a bite to eat or something. I really enjoyed hanging out in DC/Baltimore back in February; hopefully, some new faces make add some unexpected goodness to this trip, too. :)


Original Post for posterity's sake:

I'm on a two week vacation and have several stops planned, and am always happy to hang out with fellow VG and VGM appreciaters.

My stops include DC, Pittsburgh vicinity (I have friends in Latrobe), Williamsburg, VA, and Raleigh (possibly NYC, too, but that might be a bit much). I have a bit of flexibility and not a whole lot planned, so if anyone wants to meet up for drinks, games, whatever, reply here, shoot me a PM, or check my other contact info, and I'll see if I can't make it work.

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Thanks :) Yeah, Nonamer and I had a low-key evening of Frozen Yogurt, trivia, and Tetris. It was good times.

I'm totally interested in a NYC meetup if that happens.

I'm planning on getting into NYC area early afternoon tomorrow. I was once a theater junkie. Not as much now, but I still definitely want to see SOMETHING. Other than that, if we can pull a group of OCR folks together, that'd be fantastic.

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