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  1. I actually wasn't expecting this to go up on the site, but I'm super glad that people will have a chance to check it out here. Thanks for posting, guys! And yes, this time I hope to stay 'back' for a while. I've missed this way too much =)
  2. Don't know if anyone mentioned this one yet here but I just played Bioshock Infinite recently so these are fresh in my mind: DON'T WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT SOME PARTS SPOILED!!: The last one in particular made me jump when I turned around and saw it. As well, anything with a creeky wheelchair creeps me out...
  3. Love the cover art - it's a great mix of retro and unretro. Awesome stuff
  4. I passed on the Wii U preorder because it was pricy and the games at look first looked underwhelming. And while That's still mostly true, I took one look at the box art for Mario U and regretted that decision. It's like being hit with a thousand great childhood memories in a brand new packaging. Now, if only for that game, I can't wait to pick one up. SHOULD'VE PREORDERED!! Grrrrr!! =(
  5. Sad times indeed, I was a subscriber to the original Nintendo Fun Club and got the first edition (with that awful - or awesome depending on your tastes) cover of Mario and Wart and it blew my mind. Was my primary game mag for a long time and definitely helped keep me a Nintendo fanboy for years, particularly in the early SNES days. Haven't even looked at any recent issues for years now but just seeing it on the stand gave me a sense of permanence and nostalgia that I'm gonna miss. I still have a few old issues I'm sure I'll keep forever. Sigh... the times they are a changing...
  6. Happy Late but yet not-too-late Birthday!!
  7. Sorry about the short notice guys, but there's some awesome unclaimed tracks left and it'd be a shame to have the project completed without some remixin' love for some of the classics. Looking forward to hearing what's sent!
  8. I've been waiting for a damn NYC meetup since a decade ago when one was cut short by a fateful fall from a tree!
  9. MkVaff

    PlayStation Vita

    Absolutely want one but I'm still paying off all the holiday gifts I gave everyone and typically stay away from Sony Systems the first few months while they work out the kinks (though since it's technically been out since December hopefully some of those are worked out already). I'm completely torn though as to whether I want to download the games or get the boxed versions. I love the convenience of the downloads but I love the collection aspect of the physical copies and the idea that 6 years down the road I can pack all of the games in a box and put them with all the other games I never play anymore. So many tough choices....
  10. I will say that this is the first I'm listening to most of the songs on this project and so many of them are fantastic. Really great work from everyone especially Jade, who I'm sure was going nuts trying to get together such a huge project. I'm proud that this was the first project I was able to get a remix into, and listening to all these is making me want to dust off my old copy of the game and play it again. Great stuff guys!!
  11. haven't played it yet but checked out the OST on youtube. One of the coolest OSTs I've heard in awhile. Haven't heard a lot of great new soundtracks lately, might have to check out Shadows of the Damned...
  12. It doesn't take much to make people on the internet complain. I've found that gamers are sometimes among the most jaded ad cynical lot to talk to, which to me is a shame. Instead about being excited about their hobby, they spend tons of time just complaining about how everything sucks. A total waste of time, and a downer... =(
  13. One of my favorite mixes on the site. Perfect amount of new material vs. original with insane production. Probably my fav Sonic song and this mix more than does it justice. Bravo dude
  14. Devil May Cry 2 Yoshi's Story Mortal Kombat 3
  15. With anything you buy right away, whether it's technology at launch or movies or games when they are released, you pay for the ability to experience that product all the time before it either goes down in price or is replaced by a new model. I want an iPad, but personally I can wait for another revision or two before I seriously consider one. I want a 3DS, and I will pay extra $ for that year or more of playing it before they come out with the inevitable new model. It's all based on personal tastes and budgets. I don't understand anyone who gets a first generation Apple product, but millions of other people do. Different strokes...
  16. For myself personally when I worked on past projects, we determined the general scope of the project early on and instead of providing a price per minute (or per sound effect), we determined a price for the whole project. You might evaluate that and use that as a starting point, then adjust it as necessary based on whether the project ends up taking up more or fewer resources than anticipated. It may be a little easier for smaller companies to deal with this simpler model than settle on a strict per-minute rate, to later find out that the composer wrote a 12 minute title screen opus. Well, not really likely, but you get the point...
  17. Like every Nintendo console, I'm obligated to pick this one up at launch, regardless of whether or not I really want it or have the necessary funds for it. It may not be great at all. It may have a ton of crappy games on it. Hell, it might even cause me headaches and vertigo. But nothing brings back that enthusiasm of being an excitable kid again like getting a game system at launch. Especially a Nintendo system. Their damn colorful game boxes get me every time. DAMN YOU NINTENDO! Stop making crap that makes me feel like a kid again!! Can't wait =)
  18. picked it up today and played it a little after work. It's pretty much as good as I was expecting from seeing all the previews. Makes me a little disappointed I'll never be that into fighting games to get the nuance and strategy that some people get into with them unfortunately. I'll always love them but I go through them too quickly to ever really get very good. And as for playing online - unless it's against a 3 year old kid it's just a way for me to get destroyed and frustrated. Loving Amaterasu though, would like to practice with her and Dante for a bit. Good stuff!
  19. I'm actually quite interested in the price of the device. Sony isn't exactly new to making new, gorgeous, fully featured hardware and charging an arm and a leg for it at first. The PS3 was a prime example of this and the PSP, at launch, was as well. I think the 3DS is likely much cheaper to produce than the NGP and not only nets them a ton of profit at the established price, but could also do so at $50 or $100 dollars cheaper should Nintendo feel the need. Going to be an interesting holiday for portables. I'm very curious to see the new 3DS games at E3 this year, as well as the potential launch lineup and price of the NGP. For all those features, anything less than $250 would be insane. And I think with limited supplies they could easily charge $300 to $350 and get away with it during the holiday season (they were sold out of their $600 PS3's for months after launch). It's like history is repeating itself all over again...
  20. ugh 3ds and now this? I liked those few years I could concentrate on buying games for once. I'm sure there will be things to dislike about it, but it looks very, very sexy. And if it runs off carts they've already eliminated my #1 complaint about the PSP. Definitely looking forward to this and retiring my old PSP finally. It's time to move on.
  21. Hoping to pick one up, and also looking forward to PSP2. I liked PSP, but damn I couldn't play it because of the loading times. The only game I could really play on it was SF Alpha 3 because of the relatively quick load times. I have a bunch of other games I just gave up on because the loading was so slow. Hoping PSP2 has a nice sized HD and all the games are downloadable / installable this time around.
  22. Easy - it was my email addy, which was a smushing of my first and last names. At that point I didn't think it was necessary to come up with anything more cool. And now do I regret it...
  23. If they're telling the truth about trying to launch a new handheld in THREE territories within such a short span of time, I'm fairly certain that there's no way they'll be able to meet demand. Besides, as they learned from the Wii, the frenzy and buzz surrounding their hardware shortage worked in their favor for a long time - Wii was almost impossible to find on the shelf in many places for well over a year after launch and people would snatch them up just because it was such a hot commodity. I don't think this will be any different. I think the only way they'll be able to have enough systems for release is if they space out the launches in the different territories more reasonably. I'm expecting a "pushed to fall 2011" release date, and if that's the case then the shortage might not be as bad. But between the hardcore Nintendo fans, the kids looking to replace their aging DS's, and people who will be inevitably "wowed" by the demo kiosks that Nintendo is sure to set up in every Best Buy and Wal Mart across the country, I expect the demand for this device to be way greater than any supply Nintendo is capable of producing.
  24. My guess is they will be selling the obligatory bundle with 2-3 games, a carrying case, car charger, earbuds, memory card, and screen protector for the low low price of $499? I'm guessing it'll be in such short supply that they'll be able to sell out of bundles like that easily...
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