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(A1 Fools, 2012!) OCR is now VocalClocked ReMix - VOCALS REQUIRED, Mashups Allowed!

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That one's the best I've heard on this whole thread.

Lulz. Sorry for the bump, but I just dropped by WIP-Other to post a link to a new mashup I just made, the first one I'd actually finished (as opposed to getting halfway in not feeling like finishing/mastering it) in forever, then I decided to see if anyone had been talking about me in my absence. Was totally not expecting this thread, nor several links to my old stuff having been posted :D.

Personally, though, I don't really think that Bust-a-move mashup I made was all that well-executed, though I am proud, albeit also surprised, to have been apparently the first mashup-person to have thought of it. Not to toot my horn or anything, though, but I am much happier with the mix I put this one through. (On Peut Tous Iced Out.)

Mostly, though, I'm happy I came upon this thread because I saw the "OCRemix" mashups on my rss April 2nd, they were already broken links, so I stupidly assumed they always had been, and the joke didn't involve real mashups having been made. I'm glad they were, and that a mirror was hosted - can always have more vgmashups. :)

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