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Halo 3 'Luck' - Electro House


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This is aWESOME!!! . I'm gonna give u direction !

The intro with the kick is a good idea. Filtering the stuff in high then coming to full range. After that first part, don't cut the sound. Let the kick play for one more part.

The cut the snare/clap and introduce a kick less punchy and introduce the arp. While the arp is still coming you should hold this 2 full part.

So 1 part filtering and 1 part full range. Then the kick and cymbal break all.

You should keep your arp there. Adding a layer of arp to help it coming. Then the drop.

Here the part is awesome. Only thing it lacks a little little bit in low range. You should play a clean bass synth under your bassy synth.

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