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OCR01400 - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "It's My Turn to Dream"


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So.. I like it. High energy. Fluid (I can't figure how many themes you put in here, but I know there are many, and I'm too lazy to look at the mix's page again to count.. but they sound compatible). It necessitates multiple listens. And when I think you're taking something away, you bring it back, but more interestingly (perhaps that was just that one instance near the end). Hurray for a review that confuses even me.

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I completely forgot this existed! Don't you love it when you accidentally discover something awesome that you weren't even looking for?

Link's Awakening sucked up my childhood like a sponge, so I in turn am a huge fan of anything that allows a window back to those sweet, chiptune-fueled times. What I really like is this mix is almost like the fabric of my memories folded back on itself several times to create the ultimate nostalgia hit, with a dance beat to boot.

Besides my own personal affiliation with the source, this is still a stellar work. The arrangement is tight and transitions are superb. It feels less like a medley and more just a trancey festival of Zelda. The themes are given adequate attention, and they are very strong themes so it's not like they really needed too much labouring anyway. The fluidity comes across as the most important aspect of the mix, and also the mix's biggest success. I'm a fan of this mix, can you tell?

By the way, don't you just love threads with fights in them? That's some great entertainment right there.

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Aside from this site bringing back many memories of my childhood with the music being embedded in my head, I thought I’d find some stuff here I could use when I work out. I been trolling this page for years (since 2001) but I finally registered in this past week, I'm sure I have to read some FAQ so I don't look like I dumb nut but aside from that, I just found this tune. :banghead:

This is definitely a strong mix that I had to download for my long runs, or to play while lifting. This "5 hit combination" of themes gets me engaged right away with generating movement with this "knockout song." The transitions are clear, with a hustle, subtle and flow, Hyrulian style; giving this mix quick high energy. :lol:

If I was to put a small workout video to inspire others to hit the gym from this site, this is one of the two I'd choose from.(Dream Fighter being the other, crazy that both mixes have the word "DREAM" in it.)

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