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Recruiting: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (NES) remix album


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-- Note: this project has been abandoned due to lack of activity. If you want to pick it up feel free to contact me for useful files etc. Original message follows. --


TNMT2 (Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) is not only one of my favourite NES games, but also has amazing music which for some reason is not yet remixed to its death like many other games. So I started up a little group to remix its entire soundtrack.

This is not an OCR-Official project. A few people involved are not even members of this forum (we communicate in a closed FB group), but I thought this might be a good place to post a message anyway.

One easy way to browse through the music of the game is this longplay Youtube vid:

. There are 13 tracks to remix, plus some cutscene jingles and whatnot if we feel like it, but tracks first. The original .NSF file, ripped wavs and some midis are available.

We have some quality control, but no artistic directions (anyone is free to work in the genre they like), nor a deadline. If the entire project is otherwise ready but seemingly endlessly waiting for contributions of inactive people, then the more active people can take up their tracks. But in general, there's no hurry.

If you want to join in or know more, you can drop a message here or on IRC (Byproduct@EFNet).

I can understand skepticism since I'm not an active member of this forum and the project is just starting up. I decided to post this early anyway in case someone has a favourite track they'd like to call dibs on. And I can of course keep posting on how the project is progressing if someone is interesting in hearing about it.



black = open

red = claimed, not started

blue = work in progress

green = WIP, almost there

bold green = done!

(mp3) 01. Fire (scene 1) -- PsyNES (remix here)

(mp3) 02. Streets of New York (scene 2) -- Tuberz McGee

(mp3) 03. Sewers (scene 2)

(mp3) 04. Winter's Here (scene 3) -- Begoma

(mp3) 05. Parking Lot (scene 3, same as scene 5)

(mp3) 06. On the Road (scene 4) -- Falcon

(mp3) 07. Skate On (scene 4)

(mp3) 08. Shogun (scene 6) -- Elrinth

(mp3) 09. Technodrome (scene 7) -- Byproduct

(mp3) 10. Invincible Krang (scene 7)

(mp3) 11. Shredder Twins (scene 7) -- Alek Száhala

(mp3) 12. Boss -- Byproduct

(mp3) 13. Credits

I took the track names from the NSFE file available at slickproductions.org. Note however that names of tracks 06 and 07 differ from the .nsfe file, which was probably messed up by that one track being used twice in the game. "Skate On" should obviously be the skateboarding level. There are mp3 links before each track name to clear out any confusion.

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The project seems to have taken off. ^_^ We now have two WIPs in a pretty nice stage, two claimed tracks and a couple of people who'll join in a bit later. Still plenty of tracks available, though!

I was informed of a .nsfe file, and renamed the tracks according to what names there were in the file. Also color coded progress in the first post like people have done in some other threads here.

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Heard PsyNES' track - you guys are off to a good start, for sure.

I agree. :D

Hey broseph, would you mind if I took Stage 2?

Also, for anyone else here, this month on DoD is TMNT.

So that might be a good place to recruit members to use any TMNT 2 mixes. ;D

Hmm, I should look into that DoD. Thanks for the tip. And Stage 2 is yours! Sorry for the slight delay in reply.

Also, yay, progress. (Updated the first post)

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Got to update the first post again, yay.

Also, I'm going to a language course in Scotland, so might be fewer updates and slower replies for the three weeks while I'm there, but the project seems to be progressing just nicely now, with plenty of stuff in the works.

Props for starting a TMNT project, it's about time. Good luck and all the good stuff with this.

Ps. Make the Sewers a good one:wink:

Thanks! Still waiting for someone to take on remixing that sewer track, actually.

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  • 5 months later...

Two tracks done, updated the first post.

My original intention was to release the whole thing in one go, but since it's taking a while, and the two ready tracks are already out in the interwebs, here they are:


I'm still looking for couple more people, since there are still a few tracks that no one has signed up for. The tracks that are claimed but not started yet are also open for negotiation if someone has some sort of passion for those particular tracks.

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  • 3 months later...

Alright, reality check time. There hasn't been much activity in months and the people who have signed up for the tracks have most likely forgotten about them by now. I don't have the time to do the entire OST myself and don't want to make a half-assed attempt. So to get it off my table I'm announcing this project as abandoned. This is so that it won't confuse other remixers who might consider doing it at some point.)

If you need files such as MIDIs or NSFes or would like to compile the OST and use the 2 tracks we got done, feel free to drop me a message.

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