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Nerdapalooza 2012! feat. the NESkimos, the OneUps, the Megas, ArmCannon, Metroid Metal, and more!


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Never before have all the multifaceted sides of the d20 of Nerd Music come together for one amazing evening of dorky decadence! Chiptunes, Nerdcore Hiphop, Video Game Metal, Sock Puppet Rock, Dementia Parody, and anything else you can imagine a nerd playing on a keytar will be there.

Nerdapalooza is a full-service nerd arts and music festival. Previously the show has been very nerd core hip hop oriented, which has been great, but this year more than ever we're doing a lot to include a lot more VGM and chiptune artists.

This year we've also moved from out of hotel venues and moved on to REAL concerts venues in downtown Orlando. The Beach and the Social have seen acts like GWAR, Reakwon the Chef, Atmosphere, MURS, Saul Williams, the Aquabats, and many more. This places are serious so expect a nice huge stage and an EXCELLENT sound system. Don't believe me? Check out these pictures from the Beacham:


YES, the Beacham does have 3 full bars on the concert floor.**

**I can neither confirm, not deny, that all/any of these bars will be in service during the event. I assume at least 1 will be.

So you can come for Nerdapalooza, and stay downtown to enjoy the famous Orlando night light like Church Street Station and Wall Street.

Orlando Airport Marrior in Orlando, FL (Right outside of the Orlando Internation Airport, MCO)

Friday August 4th to Sunday August 6th

Facebook event

Facebook Page

Nerdapalooza Official Website

Nerdapalooza Twitter

Nerdapalooza on Wikipedia

Check here for a list of airlines that flight into Orlando International Airport

Tickets are $35 for 1 day, and $50 for 2 days, and are available for pre-purchase at Ticket Fly:


Hotel rooms are a discounted $85 a night at the beautiful Crowne Plaza in downtown Orlando:


Previous community artists that have ALREADY performed at Nerdapalooza include:

Nerdapalooza 2012 Line-up

A full list of artist's who have performed at Nerdapalooza's past is here: http://nerdapalooza.org/artists/

Nerdapalooza is similar to MAGFest in that it's a huge nerd gathering in a hotel, rocking out, and listening to some seriously sweet nerdy music. Nerdapalooza is DIFFERENT in that there are no panels, no other events at all, really. It's just music, and fun.

Confirmed Attendees:

  • Doug "The RamaSauce aka sgtrama aka The Ramaniscence aka Ramalicous aka the Master the Ancient Art of Rama Sutra" Arley
  • starla
  • Shael Riley & the Ty Guenley Backhair (because I'm MAKING them come this here)
  • Obtuse
  • Ben the Briggs
  • Level99
  • Vilecat

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If not for the fact that I am not allowed in the State of Florida, I would attend.

Stupid Governor...

What the hell did you do to get Rick *bleeping* Scott to boot you out?

I don't think I can make this, but being a Florida resident and a Nerdy Show fan, I feel obliged to take some vacation time and visit. Just curious, anyone driving from South Florida the day before?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Totally been neglecting this post, my apologizes.

Last week Nerdapalooza announced that the NESkimos will be returning from an approx. 6 year hiatus and performing at this years Nerdapalooza!


Not only that, as Ben Brigg has mention he's been announce as officially performing at the un-official after show show "The Day After."

The Day After is primarily a nerdcore hip hop concert here in Orlando the Monday following Nerdapalooza. A lot of super stars this year. The current line-up for that is:

  • DJ RoboRob
  • MC Lars
  • YTCracker
  • Random aka. MegaRan
  • Ben Briggs (OC Remix)
  • Bro-bot (Feat. Duane from "Duane and Brando")
  • Soup or Villainz
  • King Pheenix
  • Epic-1
  • Magitek
  • HD Ninja
  • Emergency Pizza Party
  • Rappy McRapperson
  • Shinobi MC
  • Shammers
  • StarF
  • Sample the Martian

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Of the people I know are going (starla, myself, fusion2004, Suzums, Shael, B Briggs) me and starla live essentially closer to the venue than the hotel. fusion2004 lives in the same neighborhood. I know Suzums, Shael, and a few of our other friends are staying with me and starla, and I know BBriggs +1 are staying with fusion. So you may be able to fit in with them if there's no hotel rooms.

Between all of us there will be more than enough cars for transport.


Oh duh, we updated the line-up.

Nerdapalooza just added:

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I need to know that you're in before committing to the hotel room.

And I can't commit until I know what lodging options are available...what a catch-22...

In all seriousness, I want to wait until I hear back from a potential job before I go. My current budget is $500 for the whole trip. The plane alone will be $300-350, and with Amtrak I would miss work. I'll be getting the $70 pass, and food will probably be around $50. Do you know how much the hotel room costs (if we split it)?

Worst case scenario I'll stay at my parent's house and only go one day, but then I'd miss all of you guys. :( That or get my sleeping bag out of storage.

EDIT: Does your friend have room? It's okay if he doesn't.

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Just wanted to update and let you guys know that we've officially added Ben Briggs to the pre-party line-up, which means he'll be performing twice. Once on Friday, and again on Monday.

Additionally we just added a 2 night show by the Protomen. The first night being their regular act, while the second will be there Queen cover album.

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