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OCR02735 - *YES* Mega Man 9 & 6 'Sweet Wet Nectar'

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ReMixer names: Brandon Strader, Hylian Lemon, Rexy

Name of game(s) arranged: Mega Man 9, Mega Man 6

Name of arrangement: Sweet Wet Nectar

Name of individual song(s) arranged: Hornet Man's stage (9), Splash

Woman's stage (9), Plant Man's stage (6), Wily Machine (6)

Brandon: It was an awesome song that we all 3 wrote together and that

makes it special and the sweet wet nectar is in our hearts

Rexy: By the time round 10 of the WCRG started, we were all pretty

exhausted, but we still decided to give it our all when passing the

project file back and forth and making our additions (or

subtractions?) to it. We may be a trio of people with different

incentives and styles to making music, but it's indeed the sweet wet

nectar that managed to bond it all together and provided one intricate

delicacy for the community.

Lemon: So there you have it. Please enjoy our sweet wet nectar as it

slides down your throat. It's an intricate delicacy that came straight

from our hearts. So to speak.

------------- - plant

- hornet

- splash

- wily machine (I think)

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Fun track, and a good collab between all three of you. The intro was kinda silly, and I think it felt a little forced, but aside from that, this track was a lot of fun to listen to. Overall it's pretty chill, but it does a lot with the themes that I could hear, and I'm diggin it overall.


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I don't think the snare really fit with the rest of the track, and I think a tighter funk kit would have been better. Overall this arrangement is really nice, and the feel is good. The themes play nice together, and though the breakdown with the chippy lead and the piano was a bit off timing-wise, it was brief and minor.

Nice collab, guys!


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Ahhh yesssh. I love the expressiveness of the synths/guitar in the mix, there's even some subtle vibrato/articulation on the lead synths. I disagree with OA about the snare, I thought it worked just fine here. Overall, some really strong melodic ideas that cover a lot of ground... maybe a little bit too much ground, honestly. I feel like the arrangement is sort of meandering all over the place without much direction, which is a bit disappointing. I would have liked a more concise arrangement with a more clear structure, but overall I feel like this is strong enough to pass.

Not bad, guys.


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Minor issues aside, I'm not doing a full vote, but this was an easy YES, and a great job by this trio. :-)

Just wanted to post a loose source usage breakdown for the listeners for posterity, since it's a pretty involved arrangement with LOTS of overlap:

Mega Man 6 usage:

:00-:12 Plant Man

:12-:32 Plant Man background

:34-:52 Wily Machine with Plant Man background

2:35-2:50 Plant Man

2:53-3:10 Wily Machine with Plant Man background

3:10-3:37 Plant Man background

3:18-3:27 Wily Machine with Plant Man background

4:24-4:32 Plant Man

4:41.5-4:54 Wily Machine

Mega Man 9:

:12-:32 Hornet Man

:22-:30 Splash Woman background

:52-1:27 Hornet Man

1:29-1:47 Hornet Man

1:47-1:56 Splash Woman

2:01-2:34 Splash Woman

2:43-2:50 Hornet Man background

3:28-3:32 Splash Woman

3:58-4:02 Splash Woman piano background

4:15-4:24 Splash Woman

4:33-4:39 Hornet Man

4:50-5:09 Splash Woman

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