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Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Threshold of a Dream - History


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I'm going away this weekend, so 'til sunday night, don't go quitting the project and giving other people your songs, so that we can live another week without dumbass posts.

On second thought:

Assfuckshittercuntbananasandwichdogshittacohateballoonundergarmentsfuckassbitchfuckercockmongeringanuslickscandinavian asspiratingfuckpants.

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dude, isn't there only like three songs still left? i might be able to do something...maybe. send me info on whats left and where to get midis and i might do something.

As far as I can remember, Tal Tal Heights is still kinda open, though, I'll be extremely selective when it comes to auditioning for it, and at the moment, I'd say turtle Rock is open, since I probably don't have time to do it.

Bottle Grotto* (21/96)

The Hen House (87/96)

Animal Village (11/96)

Richard's Villa (64/96)

The Trendy/Fishing Games (2/96)<53/96>

Choose a Name (17/96)*

As yet there are also these songs available.

though, Prophet, I'd like you to help with the final collaborative piece.

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To anyone who's interested in grabbing Tal tal heights, please consider the idea I suggested back here.

And to the organizer/coordinator/whatever - would this kind of music (the one suggested in the post that I just linked to) fit within the genre-wise boundaries of the project? ... I would love to join the project, but I'm already involved in a thousand things and this would just be one of the many that would become neglected anyway. But as soon as next week, I could squeeze a collab into my schedule (by neglecting a few hours of sleep every week) if someone likes the idea I had. Otherwise I'm not really interested (although I realize that since I'm not okayed for the project I won't be considered anyway).

If you really want a rock/orchestral/electronica version of every song in the soundtrack, you should have grabbed zircon before he posted his "Clash at the mountains" in the "old fashion" way. I don't see the point in making yet another remix of tal tal heights if it doesn't differ significantly in style from zircon's mix, better then to drop it completely from the project, despite the fact that it's one of the most memorable songs in the entire soundtrack.

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zircon essentially refused to be on the project, both for reasons of time constraints, and he dislikes me. :) which is perfectly understandable.

Edit: One of the main reasons we've been having trouble with this track is that I want to see it done differently than the others do it as well. I refuse to have another 'blah' electronica version. I'd like something experimental, non-genre-specific, and exciting. Something that appeals to a listener without being generic crud.

Meanwhile, I don't particularly think that an old western style remix of Tal Tal heights would at all fit the theme of this project...Sounds like more of a novelty track than a serious endeavour.

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Stark :

I have had contact with Hadyn, and I asked him if he was interested in joining the project again. He said he'd look into it, and take a shot at Tal Tal Heights.

He's making a wip of the song, to see wether you like where it's going. If you do like it, I suppose you can let him on the project, and let him continue on it. If you don't like it, you could either let him on the project, but for a different song, or just leave him out the project.

Anything else in particular you want me to say to him ?

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"time constraints"? But the mix is already finished? :) Oh well. It doesn't surprise me that he doesn't like you, I mean, I don't know either one of you, but you give me the impression of being quite an asshole (in a good way, and possibly just for fun):

...this project is for my own pleasure and entertainment, and not yours, and so I don't really give a crap whether anyone but me likes the results...


Wips are to be kept private/secretive.

Keep your stupid ideas to yourselves.

But that's also what makes you funny and part of what makes this thread interesting to read. Every movie, book and forum (etc...) needs its "personalities". :)!! Anyway, if you think my suggestion is a bad idea, that's fine. I just thought it would be something to consider. ... and I hadn't read that very last sentence before. Sorry :-/

Now is the time when I'll just leave,

... so that we can live another week without dumbass posts.
:wink: Again, good luck.
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