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SNES Generation - Lords of Shadow


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SNES Generation is a series I'm doing every now and then to mix modern popular games into SNES songs. Pairing up a modern game with the soundset from a SNES game that is similar in the sound and the game in some sense. I'm trying to do one every couple of weeks.

It's really fun and sometimes I'll throw in some song references from the game the soundset is from. If you like this subscribe me to keep updated on new ones! And if you're generous, like on facebook


Also check out SNESology for more great SNES tunes from other cool artists:

SNESology Blog

SNESology Youtube

SNESology Facebook

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Haha thanks guys I'll keep doing more but I'm not sure whether to keep posting as a youtube series or hold it back as an album. We'll see.

I know that I want to do Castlevana Lords of Shadow with Castlevania IV soon, also Uncharted. Other ones I'm thinking of doing are Batman Arkham City, Metal Gear Solid 3, Street Fighter IV, Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda Skyward Sword and perhaps Dark Souls. I'm not totally sure yet because I want them to be fun to listen to and nostalgic. So I'm up for ideas but they gotta be popular titles and something I can work into SNES.

Why'd you use such a pixelated image of the SNES logo though? I meant to annoy you about this before but forgot.

I think the video and upload just makes it look more blurry. I've been using a photo of a box, maybe I can find a better one.

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