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4 hours ago, Darkflamewolf said:

Okay, I feel really dumb asking this, but maybe it'll help other directors who are working on their own albums for OCR. There is this legal consent form remixers have to sign to give permission to have their tracks featured on the remix album once released on OCR, yes? How can we, as directors get access and view our specific project's list of mixers who have already signed the form? EDIT: This is also the best place I figured to ask this question.

@Darkflamewolf Good question, not a stupid one.

  1. You need to ask OCR staff (me, @Liontamer, or @DarkeSword) to add your project to the consent form.
  2. I've modified the form to use the new Google Forms layout... I've also enabled responders to see a summary of responses. There's a pie chart that, at least, will show you the # of responses for your album. Seeing the names would require more flexible permissions than Google Forms seems to allow, so the best we can do for now is let you track the count, and then when it gets close to release, we can give you the list of names for your project.
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@djpretzel Funny thing for 1., it seems someone had already added our project to the consent form a long time ago. So...Arcadia Legends is already part of the drop down menu! I checked and it does show 8 remixers already on board. No idea who but that's a great start! :D Also, me and Modus sent you a few emails with some pertinent director and art director questions. Did you ever get those? To avoid cluttering this thread up further, we can take it to DM/PM. :)

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