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Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta - History

The Orichalcon

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Continued patience, my fellow mixers and fans! We are within striking distance of a release. I took this week off work to get it all together and ready.

For those wanting a sight of progress, here is the final tracklist, pending Dave's decision on a title for his mix:

01 - The Orichalcon - megAsfear

02 - Evil Horde - Running from Evil Horde

03 - analoq - Adrian's Sleep

04 - Mazedude - Westside Archvile

05 - Jovette Rivera - The Countdown

06 - The Orichalcon - Crushing Headache

07 - Mazedude - Silent Healer

08 - Big Giant Circles, Flik - Icon of Sinwave

09 - John Revoredo - 31 Seconds

10 - Mazedude, Ailsean - The End of Hell

11 - phoenixdk - No Smoking Area

12 - Evil Horde - The Duel

13 - djpretzel - Red Waltz

Bonus - phoenixdk - Ablaze

Track 9 kicks ass. LOL :<

Damn, I want to hear this so much !! !!

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I think that the next best remix project after Delta Q Delta in the line of Doom related remix projects is... ...a Chex Quest 1 and 2 remix project! Why? Not because I think the music is really good (which I kind of do), but because it has great remixing potential. Check it out and you'll likely see what I mean.

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Yeah, it was a total conversion of Doom that came in cereal boxes on a cd with its own engine and iwad. It was made in an attempt to make a child friendly version of doom but is ironically now popular only to adults who are Doom fans. It is now free on the internet and can run on many Doom source ports. Check it out if you can, but remember to have an open mind.

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I just had to check it out on Youtube. And hell yeah! The funk never stops. Would be an awesome idea to make a Chex remix project thats like a NICE version of the Doom remix projects. Thats exactly what Chex did with Doom - it made it nice so EVERYONE CAN PLAY! So yeah, would be great to have a super NICE remix project, kinda Doom remix project spinoff.. YEAH - never gonna happen. Still, great stuff..

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