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  1. Dang. US Residents only. It's a sweet track, definitely would've entered.
  2. To get SOMETHING finished.
  3. Well, I guess the aliens just didn't know about The FRESH PRINCE!
  4. In the very beginning I mostly made stuff with funny/stupid sounding vocalsamples with a 4/4 bassdrum on the background. Just messing around in Impulse Tracker and having a few laughs. That stuff was just supposed to sound stupid and had no real "musical effort" so I don't think it really counts as my very first songs. One of the first songs where I really tried to create actual music instead of random madness would be this one : http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00145/. All the way back from 2000. OCR was quite different back then. Actually, kinda strange that this mix is still on this site. But we all have our history. Yay.
  5. I worked as a sound producer in a radio station years ago and went through loads of sound effect libraries. I actually stumbled on a CD that had loads of sounds used in Doom, already processed and everything. Doors, elevators and yep, monsters. All just random noises with weird effects but when put into a context they work very well. It's weird what you can find while browsing through SFX libraries. Lots of familiar stuff in there.
  6. Guybrush looks like a total douchebag. And I'm not that impressed with the look of the other characters and design in general either. The real curse of the Monkey Island must be 3D-graphics. For me, they really nailed the design, feel and characters of the series in MI3, and everything after that (yeah, basically MI4 - yuck) has felt strange and off, including the new design. I usually don't pay too much attention on graphics etc. but in Monkey Island series the audiovisual experience is a really big part of the game, atleast for me. The design, the way the characters look and stuff like that. It was perfect in MI3. Dang, that game still looks/sounds like a big budget cartoon movie, even with the small screen resolution. Of course, as a huge MI fan I have to check this out, but at the moment I'm not that hyped about this. But yeah, I'm probably just wrong and its gonna kick ass. So yay!
  7. ROCKS! Awesome. What really strikes me here is the superb production. Amazing, crisp sound and mixing. You can really feel the grip of the low-ends. I also really like what you've done with the original. One of my favorite tracks from the NES taken to a completely different direction yet still maintaining the awesomeness of the original. Great and original arrangement. I've been working with this piece myself, so its always interesting to hear what other people get out of it. AWESOME.
  8. Ah, Magnet Man, one of the most memorable tracks from MM3. And I just love what you did with it. The lead melody sounds excellent with the brass treatment. Also, the fact that you have actual, live brass is simply awesome. Thanks!
  9. I started playing bass in 97, I was 13 at the time. A few years after that (maybe 99 or 2000) I started to make music in addition to playing it. Back then I was really interested in electronic music, and playing music and making it were actually two separate hobbies. Then at some point I grew less interested in electronic music and quite automatically the two hobbies combined. Today I hardly use any electronic elements in my music, so the making and the playing is usually the very same thing. I submitted my first remix in 2000. It was a remix of the Megaman 2 Heatman theme. (http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00145/) That was one of the first songs I've ever produced. You can actually kinda follow my progression just by listening to my remixes. The first ones are all electro and somewhere around 2003 or 2004 things start to get more "actual" instruments and stuff. Actually when I think of it : My first contribution, EvilHorde Heatman (2000) is one of the first songs I've ever completed, and my latest remix "El Lagarto" (2008 - http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01793/) is the last complete song to this day. Cool. So, to answer the question: I started my musical hobby in 1997, and bass is still my main instrument when I make music, so I would say that it took me 12 years to get to where I am. Dang...
  10. Dang. This game is so good I should just buy it AGAIN. One of the best games I've played in years. And: http://kylegabler.com/WorldOfGooSoundtrack/ I also really like the soundtrack. Just the kind of movie soundtrack mood I'm really into.
  11. Wow, beautiful. Too bad I haven't heard the original so its hard for me to say anything videogamemusicwise. But just plain good ol' musicwise: great stuff. The overall feel is very beautiful and the emotional vocals are top notch. This track definitely needs them, and with them, it DELIVERS. Once again: it was absolutely beautiful and the overall dreamy vibe is quite powerful. I like. Thanks!
  12. Someone has probably already said this but : My all time favorites Monkey Island 1 & 2 (and the not so good 4) with Monkey Island 3 graphics and sounds... DDDRRROOOOLLLL.... To me Monkey Island 3 is still one of the best looking (and sounding) games ever. Comparing MI3 and 4 makes me cry. Why in the heck everything has to be 3D nowadays... Just look at World of Goo. Best looking game in years! And yeah, also best in any other category. And now I'm not on the topic anymore. Geez...
  13. Wow, great mood. I like the depth of the track. Lots of stuff going on in a BIG area. Good ambience and a catchy flow. Not the kind of stuff I usually listen to but I still like it. Thanks! Oh yeah, and the guitar is a nice touch.
  14. Sounds like they've gone back to their roots a bit. Better than going to the godawful Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned direction. Yuck. Somehow music like this is not doing it to me anymore. Back in the day I was a huge Prodigy fan and I still like some of their songs but in general I'm just not that interested, although this is somewhat a sweet song. Pure fun and energy. At least its awesome compared to anything on Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned.
  15. That's actually just basic handclapping. Me and few friends of mine clapped it to a really crappy mic. And it worked out great. On other news: Thanks everyone for the great feedback! Really glad you like it.
  16. Holy CRAP! This is awesome! It's a really surreal feeling to watch your own song played on GH. Thanks for doing it, this was totally rad! YAY!
  17. Holycrap holycrap holycrap...! I've been itching to play this game for years! One of my favorite games ever. (even though T1 was maybe even better) As with every online game, T2 just died back in the day which is sad. I hope people find this and there are enough players so its actually playable. Definitely gonna try this one out! YIPPEE for Tribes2!
  18. Interesting blend of instruments. This one really has a nice, big and dramatic feel to it. Never heard of the original but I liked this mix none the less. Great ambience and good variety of different sounds that create an enjoyable and smooth, yet in some parts quite dramatic athmosphere. Thanks!
  19. Holy XMAS. I can't believe I haven't reviewed THE William Wobbler Christmas. For Pete's sake, its been on my OCR playlist for god knows how long. I also can't believe that other people haven't reviewed this. Makes me feel like people don't know about William Wobbler Christmas.. For me this is definitely one of the OCR classics, up there with Amazon Sessions and all the other greats... ANYWAAYY, never even heard of the game or William Wobbler or anything. I just picked this up years and years ago and liked it so much it went straight to the "Definite OCR keepers" pile. I love all the wacky instruments used here, and its awesome how they all contribute to the christmas feeling. Incredible. This really reminds me of the feel of christmas movies back in the day. This song makes me think of a scene where the credits roll in the beginning and there is lot of different christmassy stuff going on - elves wrapping up presents in Santa's present factory, you know, stuff like that. And all sorts of wacky things happen. And then Santa comes in and the music and credits stop. And everyone turns to look at him and after a small pause he says... "HO HO HO!" And then the action and the racket and the commotion go on... Yeah. I guess I pretty much summed it up. Also, a GREAT remix. Classic OCR stuff.
  20. This is a noble cause indeed my friends! I always try to review every remix I listen to. However, considering how many OCR songs I've heard its a fact that I haven't always done so. So, starting from this christmas, I shall promise to review every single remix I listen to! Yippee my valiant crusaders! And merrrrry XMAS! Anyway: Anyone who has ever had feedback on their music via great reviews knows how much it means that someone actually takes the time to share some thoughts about your music. Be it a simple "Thanks, you rock!" or the more preferable type - the reviews that offer some actual constructive criticism. Positive or negative. Yay.
  21. "Guess who's coming It's... Guess who's coming It's... Guess who's coming Dj Shad..." No, wait. It's... The Vagrance! Yeah, I'm not surprised people hear a lot of Dj Shadow in this, and of course I do too. But that's not a bad thing at all. I think its a really cool style for a videogame remix. I really like the overall mood of the soundscape here, great ambience. The rapping didn't feel very necessary in there, but then again it did the song no harm, so I guess its ok. Talking about Dj Shadow though, I think it would've been a cool idea to sample snippets of that rap and place them all over the song to enhance the mood. I think the rap would've made more sense that way too. I've always loved the ambience that short vocal samples bring to this kind of music. You know, the bits taken from old movies on the background or short low-quality hip-hop vocal loops to deliver the groove. But all in all, great stuff. Keep it up!
  22. I often play the old NES games for nostalgia, and the music is a big part of the whole nostalgia experience. And yeah, I used to hang out in the Flameman stage in Megaman 6 for many extra minutes just so I can groove to the music.
  23. I remember reading about this a year ago. Truly a sad event. What really makes me happy though is to see that OCR as a community reacts to things like this. A rare thing to witness in any community, let alone one on the internet. Very heartwarming. I guess music really connects people.
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