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  1. I, too, think this is a pretty good mix, but I do have a question. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a bit of a garbled section around 1:19 in this mix? (The garbling I speak of sounds like someone was recording this off an audio tape and accidentally hit the fast-forward button for about a second or so.) I'm going to try downloading it from a different mirror to see if that fixes the problem - the copy I have is from ocrmirror.org, so it might just be a bad upload to that mirror. EDIT: Just finished downloading it from the iiens.net mirror, and the same garbling is present in that copy too.
  2. Wow. Just . . . . WOW. This actually sounds like something that'd be used in a modern remake of Raptor. If I were you, I'd submit it. I think it's worthy of being on OCR (but then again, it's also music from a game I particularly like, so I might just be a teeny bit biased there ). (By the by, Fireslash - that pulsing sound is from the end-of-level boss encounters: I think it was supposed to be a cross between a "Hey, here comes the big badass" warning and the sound their engines/generators/etc. make.)
  3. Uh, DJP . . . where are you getting 9 minutes from? The copy I have is about 3:41, and it's a variable-bitrate MP3 of about 4.3 MB.
  4. It's been a while since I last played Homeworld, but I gotta say I like this remix. I can almost see the Hiigaran fleet soaring through space to engage enemy forces and then returning to their home base (on board the various carriers and the Mothership) after a successful mission.
  5. <the_tick> SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! </the_tick>
  6. If it's the game I'm thinking of - where you pick a go-kart-driving animal and drive around a bunch'a different tracks hurling hedgehogs and other such things at your opponents - the game's called Wacky Wheels. (Which could possibly use a little remixing, I suppose . . . )
  7. . . . For some reason, the files won't download for me. They spend around 5-10 seconds "Starting", and then, abruptly they're done - and yet the downloaded files have a size of 0KB. O.o WTF?
  8. I concur, and am willing to testify. (Even though I don't know jack about the situation!)
  9. Same thing happened here. And I didn't even get the notification of the new message until today . . . O.o
  10. I'm pretty sure it was Megadeth that did it, for some compilation or other.
  11. Well, it certainly *feels* like an intro, chief. But that's just the feel I get off it, taken out of context.
  12. You're right, it is a good intro. Problem is, I get the feeling that the first clip and this intro are two different styles that might not work well together. I could be wrong, tho.
  13. Judging by that clip, Rayza, I'd say that this is gonna be a shoo-in. By the way, I replayed Tyrian recently, and this is the music that's used in the last level of Episode 1 *up to* the encounter with the final boss of Episode 1. Once you hit the boss, it changes to a tune called "One Mustn't Fall". (Which, incidentally, is one of two OMF references in the game. The other is in one of the datacubes - a message from one of your old friends who, unfortunately, is unable to assist you "since your battle is with spaceships and not HARs".)
  14. You're not alone, Cain. I'd like to see more C&C remixage too. (Particularly of tracks like 'Mechanical Man' and 'Radio'.) . . . In your name, of course!
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