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I was going for song writting, but It'll cover most of the lyrical part of the songs.

I can only choose between music production or song writting, so I had to cut it down for the while.

If I enter, i think I might just download the videos for future reference. wouldnt be a bad idea.

Loved the introduction to sound design, though. I know this stuff about soundwave types should be basic, but I was never able to search much about it. clarified a lot for me. I'll need to do some exercises to figure out what is what though. Does anyone have an exercise list on the matter or something?

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Hey mickomoo, you could use DownThemAll, a plugin for Firefox


Go to the video lectures page, right-click and choose DownThemAll then write "mp4" in the filter... Start the download and you'll get the 55 videos (talking about Sound Design) with 3 mouse clicks. 8-)

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I think I'm now enrolled in like 6 courses at once, and realizing that it was a very silly idea. I didn't even really finish digital sound design completely. I am going to rip all the videos for all the classes I'm in, I think.


I couldn't care less about the "certificates". They should post their vids on YT


Btw do you think song writting would help with like choral lyric writing. I so rarely engage with writing anything, but at some point in the future I wanted to use symphonic chiors...

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