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  1. I hope I can get motivated to work on this some more. sometime. some day. some way. but this was from so long ago. in a galaxy far, far away.
  2. I don't remember the context of hearing about Voices of the Lifestream, but that was the first time I heard about the site. I remember feeling incredibly jealous, and thinking "man, what an awesome way for all those people to pay tribute to my favorite game, meanwhile I do nothing" (even though I had no composing nor remixing experience whatsoever in 2007). But I didn't even think about joining until 2012, to participate in the FF6 remix contest.
  3. I forgot to vote :/ I was going to vote while driving in to work this morning but then I felt bad because I hadn't had a chance yet to listen to evktalo's track and couldn't give feedback .. I have since listened to it and I liked evktalo's track a lot, I liked the groove. Although there were only two elements, they were two pretty good elements that worked well together. You mentioned you'll add it to the list to finish someday, and I hope you do come back to it soon and finish it
  4. I googled "Wrecking Crew ocremix" in preparation for PRC257, and this thread was the only thing I could find. I realize more and more that I haven't really played all that many games, but a long time ago I played this game, and I played it a lot. The main track is memorable, and deserves to be remixed!
  5. I have a wip a-cookin'. I would like some competition please Even if it means Trism waking up the day of the deadline and whipping up something that's better than mine. again.
  6. How do I keep missing these announcements?! Everyone, get this album now. ... now, I say .. now.
  7. Happy Birthday, Rozovian. Thanks for writing the remixing guide.
  8. Nice work Hakstock for getting those votes and putting The Gobots on the board Round One was particularly memorable for me because since the moment I saw The Moon revealed, I kind of freaked out--it felt impossible to combine Needle Man with The Moon. But eventually I somehow came up with some semblance of an arrangement, and Hakstock and Obtuse helped out with useful feedback. Thanks guys and nice wark everyone
  9. Bundeslang can confirm, but one time when I had a bonus entry for PRC, I just wrote this in the description: *BONUS ENTRY - DO NOT VOTE* I've also seen other instances where people wrote "(bonus entry)" in the actual track title.
  10. Outside of ocremix, I, too, have never heard of this game.
  11. HoboKa will be able to confirm for you regarding MnP. .. but yes the PRC rule is the previous winner cannot take part in the next round but may submit a bonus mix --probably to prevent someone winning every time. YES I'm looking at you Argle hehe ..
  12. Meant to say this a few days ago, I forgot to vote, sorry :/ but I had fun. I'll send you my track after work today HoboKa.
  13. I have a few questions for curiosity's sake (if that's okay) 1) Do you have a preference between doing voiceovers and voice acting? 2) How did you start doing voice work? Sometimes, I'd think I could do voice acting, but I never did anything even remotely close to pursuing it. When I go on long drives by myself and I drink an energy drink, I sometimes get loopy and start doing random voices/accents. SHRUG.
  14. Happy Birthday Sir_NutS and Shnabubula, have fun and uhhh what happened to the birthday greeting posts? I'm only doing it because I happened to see it was their birthdays and no one else posted .. shrug
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