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Legend of Legaia

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Legend of Legaia was one of my favorite games to play for playstation and I would love to here some remixes, of any style, of the sound track. Here are some that I think would be great to remix:

Light of the Town:

Rim Elm:

Disciples of the mist:


Songi's First Appearance:


Boss Battle:


There's a lot of good music in this game, but these are the ones that I would love to hear a remix done. Thanks!

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Light of the Town is one of my personal favorites from the game. I do like what you did with it, though I thought it a little funny that you said the it's best listened to at night considering it was "Light" of the Town. But I understand why, though, because I find it pretty relaxing. I hope you complete it. Also: Thanks a lot for making a remix!

I could probably list all of the songs from Legend of Legaia to be remixed because I love the music from it. When I first found OCremix I looked it up to see if anyone had done a remix, but there wasn't a single one to be found, so I figured I'd put it up as a suggestion.

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