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OCR01441 - Final Fantasy X "White Skies (Club Mix)"


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its been 5yrs and every time i hear this song it still gives me the same exact feeling i had from when i first heard it. There was a time i wanted to give up on music but when i heard this song i was blown away and it encouraged me to continue remixing so if it wasnt for this song i wouldve gave up a long time ago.

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Usually I don't like trance because you have to listen for such a long time relative to the song to get to the melody part and it's boring, but not in this case. The entire song evolves and unravels in such a way that it never feels repetitive (even the intro has subtleties in it to keep it from being a copy-and-paste job), and I'd go as far as to say this song defines the word "trance" in its construction. It manages to settle you down, make you comfortable, and transport your mind completely somewhere else, before bringing it back to rest at the end, thoroughly refreshed. Absolutely impeccable sound design and arrangement.

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