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Here's a link directly to the Team OverClocked ReMix page on the FAH webpage For those of you that don't know, FAH stands for Folding @ Home. Full information can be obtained here: http://fo

What year is this?!  The folding thread is the first on the community page and the prophet of mephisto, er, prophetik music, still wants to build you a computer!?

I'm currently folding with an nVidia 1080 I acquired used over Christmas (up from an nVidia 460, finally!), and an AMD FX-8250 (8 threads at 4 GHz). What's interesting is even though the CPU is pretty much right at 100%, the GPU only floats between 35-50 percent haven't really dug into why. 

If you're looking _just_ at number of Work Units, for a while I was running the browser client, NaCl, but that's now deprecated: http://nacl.foldingathome.org/  That had a lot of really small WU's, so I could crank through a WU in maybe an hour. Had a decent computer at work at the time, but it would have been frowned upon to run the full client. I could leave the web browser open, though.

Glad it's getting some traction again! I think a couple weeks ago they actually ran out of WU's to hand out because so many people joined up to help out with COVID-19 research. That with the new GPU card got me thinking about it again!

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