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What year is this?!  The folding thread is the first on the community page and the prophet of mephisto, er, prophetik music, still wants to build you a computer!?

I'm currently folding with an nVidia 1080 I acquired used over Christmas (up from an nVidia 460, finally!), and an AMD FX-8250 (8 threads at 4 GHz). What's interesting is even though the CPU is pretty much right at 100%, the GPU only floats between 35-50 percent haven't really dug into why. 

If you're looking _just_ at number of Work Units, for a while I was running the browser client, NaCl, but that's now deprecated: http://nacl.foldingathome.org/  That had a lot of really small WU's, so I could crank through a WU in maybe an hour. Had a decent computer at work at the time, but it would have been frowned upon to run the full client. I could leave the web browser open, though.

Glad it's getting some traction again! I think a couple weeks ago they actually ran out of WU's to hand out because so many people joined up to help out with COVID-19 research. That with the new GPU card got me thinking about it again!

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Is anybody out there?

Team ocremix is currently in the top 1,800 teams in the world (we're ranked 1,768 currently, to be exact).  I personally just broke into the top 13,000 for individual donors.

Unfortunately, I will be taking a break from folding and because I'm the only person still folding for our team I expect our ranking will start to tank pretty quickly.

The ranking and points are ultimately meaningless, of course.  The real point of the whole thing is to hopefully cure some nasty diseases.  But I have to admit that watching us climb the ranks over the past 15 years has certainly been fun.

If you can, please consider donating some CPU/GPU power to a worthy cause.

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