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Team OverClocked ReMix - Folding@Home


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Here's a link directly to the Team OverClocked ReMix page on the FAH webpage

For those of you that don't know, FAH stands for Folding @ Home. Full information can be obtained here:


Basically, FAH is a program that you download and run. It then sits in your taskbar and uses idle CPU power to render protein foldings. Once so many frames have been rendered, the compiled data is then sent back to Stanford so that it can be combined with other renders.

FAH has led to multiple scientific findings, which can be found on the webpage.

Now then, if you have the program, you can join a "Folding Team", where your scores are combined with the scores of other teammates to form a Team Score. Once you have completed one Work Unit, you will be added to Team OverClocked ReMix on the FAH website.

Here's the team info:

Team Number: 48303

Team Name: OverClocked ReMix

Just open up your configuration in the program and change your team from 0 (which is default) to 48303.

Something to note, once you join a team, all Work Unit credits start going to a new profile based on the team you're on. So you'll get something that looks like this:


You can also set the FAH program to use CPU power only when your screensaver comes on, instead of using CPU power all the time. However, I always let my FAH programs run all the time, and I can let it use 100% of my CPU power and still play any game fully maxed with no lag at all. The program also takes a lower priority in the process tree when another program is running. I'm sure my AMD Dual Core has something to do with it too ;)

So then, let's see how must computing power OCR has as a whole.


- !Nekko!

- Angelbane

- AnotherSoundscape

- AntiRealityHero

- Archaeapyric

- bdftesla

- biojae

- BlueMage

- Brushfire2004

- butane317

- Cerd_Fen

- CH

- Cobaltstarfire

- Crazyonr1

- damathacus

- Daniel_Rydell

- DanTheClam

- DarthStar

- djpretzel

- DJ Riott

- Doulifee

- dPaladin

- Drack

- EdgeCrusher

- Emanon

- eternal_Zero

- FlankingLine

- Freewheel

- Frustration Raptor

- Fusion2004

- Galasung

- GSlicer

- Hawkwing

- Hoopla

- Horseboy

- IckesTheSane

- I.Medley

- Inaudible Distortion

- Iron Cross

- Jarvi

- Jaswaldd

- jayc4life

- Johnderrilll

- K999

- Kakujin

- KeeganTheFox

- Kenobio

- Kholdstare

- Kusabi

- Liontamer

- M@DM@X

- Majin_GeoDooD

- Megaman1985

- Meteo Xavier

- MisterBiggler

- mkg_2006

- mr_delichops

- Murmeli Walan

- neminem

- Nex

- Nivi

- NuGeo

- Pallad

- PhrygianFingers

- Pillow_Pants

- Pi_R_[]ed

- redchlorine

- Ryouga

- sadpickle

- Sae

- Sauzer


- Sir Arek the Absolute

- sinowBeat

- Skrypnyk

- SoloGamer

- Soulforged

- SS4Matt

- stapler117

- Tasogare

- TheBlueBomber

- the prophet of mephisto

- The Unsung Plumber

- vaxne

- vega12

- Xbob42

- Xelebes

- Zidek

- Zpeter

- zpeterz63

- Z-Saber

NOTE: Some member's names on OCR and their names on the FAH team are different. If you're one of those people and want your name changed to your OCR one just let me know and I'll take care of it.


If you're a member and don't see your name on the list, PM me and I'll fix that for you.

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What will happen is, once you join the OCR team, a new profile will be created with your name, and you can then switch back and forth between teams if you want, but only the team you specified in the program will get the Work Unit credit. But yeah, you can join multiple teams.

Yeah, this is styled like SETI@Home, only for (IMO) a much more practical and legitimate purpose. I'm only running on dial-up, but I'll see if I can be of any use in the next few days.

Even if you are on dialup, the only time you need an internet connection is when you're recieving the data package to be processed, or when you're sending to processed data back to stanford. Usually those pieces of data aren't larger than 5 megs.

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