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OCR02883 - *YES* Final Fantasy 10, Shenmue & Last Story 'Just This Once'

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YouTube: (Audio here is a bit older than the MP3 and still contains some minor issues)

Vocals: Sabrina Valenzuela

Violins: Amaterasu

Guitars: Magellanic (Acoustic and Electric)

Contact Information

Your ReMixer name: Dj Mystix, Sabrina Valenzuela, Amaterasu, Magellanic

Your real name: Mansoor Nazar, Sabrina Valenzuela, Chris Woo, Liam Charalambous

Your userid: 11757 (DjMystix), 47061 (Sabrina Valenzuela), 35078 (Chris | Amaterasu), 45748 (Magellanic)

Submission Information:

Name of game(s) arranged: Shenmue, Final Fantasy X, The Last Story

Name of arrangement: Just This Once

Name of individual song(s) arranged:

Shenmue: Sha Hua

Final Fantasy X: Suteki Da Ne

The Last Story: Toberu Mono

Composer(s) :

Shenmue: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Yuzo Koshiro

Final Fantasy X: Nobuo Uemetsu

The Last Story: Nobuo Uemetsu

System :

Shenmue: Dreamcast

Final Fantasy X: PlayStation 2

The Last Story: Nintendo Wii

Sources breakdown:

00:11 - 00:35 : Sha Hua

00:41 - 02:30 : Suteki Da Ne

02:31 - 03:33 : Toberu Mono

03:34 - 04:57 : Suteki Da ne

04:01 - 05:06 : Sha Hua


ShaHua (Shenmue):

Suteki Da Ne (FFX):

Toberu Mono (The Last Story):

Artist Comments:-

Dj Mystix:

Being a huge fan of Nobuo Uematsu, I always wanted to arrange one of his compositions. "Suteki Da Ne" is one of my all time favorite videogame songs so that was a natural choice. From the beginning, it was intended to mix it with Shenhue's "Sha Hua" but I never found inspiration to do this track. Not until playing The Last Story and falling in love with "Toberu Mono". It feels like a spiritual successor to "Suteki Da Ne" which gave the inspiration to blend both tracks. So thats how we ended up with this mix.

This time around, I get this fantastic oppurtunity to work with some great fellow musicians. Sabrina strikes again with her awesome vocals. Her soft and sweet voice fits the song's mood perfectly. Instead of having an instrumental lead during the (Tobeu Mono) bridge, we decided to have Sabi hum the piece which resulted in a very soothing sound. Magellanic has provided some really great guitar pieces (both Acoustic and electric) that sets the foundation of the track. We also included some synth based strumming to keep the overall feel of the track intact. And lastly, Amaterasu's violins takes the mix to another level. His amazing pieces really enhances the emotional feel of the track. He pulled of all those extremely low and higher notes with a combined use of Viola and Violin.

This is our tribute to the legend Nobuo Uematsu. We really enjoyed working together to make this track. Hope you like it as well :)

Sabrina Valenzuela:

It was a pleasure to work with such talented fellow musicians on this remix, and being able to perform our interpretation of such beautiful and well known video game tracks. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of Japanese pronunciation, and loved DJ Mystix's attention to atmospheric detail within the arrangement, such as requesting that I hum Toberu Mono - which really helped give this arrangement its peaceful, soothing sound. Thank you for your time, and we all hope you enjoy listening.

Chris | Amaterasu:

'This was good fun!' or if you want something more serious, I guess 'Over-emotional vibrato and slides =D'


I don't have much to say other than this mix is fantastic and I'm very happy to have been part of it. When I first joined the site last year, DjMystix's Sunset Riders mix was one of the first OCRemixes I listened to. Back then I would never have imagined collaborating the remixer who has produced some of my favourite OC ReMixes. As a big fan of Final Fantasy X and its soundtrack, I'm glad to see it getting some more remix love!

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Really classy. Great decision to get the live violin in there. The groove is like half-way between ballad and porno but I can dig it. The production is ok, but the piece really shines during the suteki sections for me.

I think a possible source of NOs here is because of the way you've pieced together the structure of different sources as sections rather then trying to weave them together a bit more. It didn't bother me too much in the sense that it doesn't come off as a Nobuo medley.

Oh also that key-change is very eurovision, you get nil pois for that.

Despite this, you win a YES my friends.

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This is beautiful. As usual, Mansoor does a wonderful job marrying a multitude of themes that really felt like they were made for one another. Transitions are pretty seamless, although to be picky I wasn't really feeling the keychange because it felt pretty sudden and (dare I say it) cliche. However, this is more than balanced out by the super expressive playing and singing from Chris, Liam, and Sabrina, and I'd love to hear a collaboration between the four of you again.


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Nice, genteel opening. Sabrina's vocals seemed a bit exposed in very brief spots, but nothing meaningfully negative was there in the big picture; everything was essentially on point and say nicely on top of the instrumentation. The bass work was pretty good. Something with the instrumentation felt kind of empty with the changeup at 2:04, but it only lasted until 2:27.

Great theme tradeoffs with Last Story and Shenmue that sounded both logical and smooth, with "Suteki Da Ne" clearly and steadily guiding the arrangement. Nothing else to say but I heard it and there wasn't any doubt. Solid teamup, guys and gal.


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Honestly, I can't add much to what's already been said. You guys (and girl) have put together a very beautiful, expressive track. Production is solid and arrangement is well executed.

One gripe I would point out is some awkward vocal notes leading into the key change at 4:27. No dealbreaker for me there, though.


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