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*NO* Kirby 64 'Tough It Out!'

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ReMix: Tough It Out!


ReMixer name: DaMonz

Real name: Emery Monzerol

email address:

userid: 31308

ReMixer name: Trainbeat

Real name: Sébastien Dufour

email address:

userid: (none)


Name of the games arranged: Kriby 64: The Crystal Shards

Name of the arrangement: Tough It Out!

Name of the individual songs arranged: Zero-Two

Link to original: http://youtu.be/BwpLSiplyYc

Comments: Hello judges! Hello ocr! Hello world!

Ahem. I'm back with another roller coaster ride! :D I've been working on this one for over a year, and it's kind of a spiritual sequel to Star King. </funfacts>

Get ready for the most awesomest of awesome guitar solos by Sébastien! He really worked hard on it!

Oh and this is one of my tracks for the badbutt vol.2 project. So yeah, it's supposed to be badass :D Just sayin'

I hope you enjoy! ;)

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Damn, this is super good. I love the arrangement, the performance, the solos, the textures, and the energy.

I think the power behind the kick isnt' there, though, and I am really debating if it's for the good of the song to ship it back to you to get a stronger kick.

I also think there should be a huge crash cymbal at the very end when it climaxes, before the bitcrushed ending.

I am going to vote Yes on this, but will hit up DaMonz and see if I can get a new version with a punchier kick. I think this has the potential to be incredible, but it needs that kick.

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I loooove this source, but it's very hard to do justice to. I will say that, right off the bat, you captured the energy and intensity of the original quite well.

The opening transition into the main melody was a great idea that was not executed very well, IMO. That transition lacks a lot of impact, perhaps adding some sort of crash or tweaking the timing of your filter would make it feel... bigger, for lack of a better word. You use a similar effect later on in the track a couple of times, but it just doesn't feel effective. You need to work on making your moments of impact more

Lots of very dynamic writing throughout the track, nothing ever clashes or seems too busy. That guitar solo kicks ass and jives well with your synth lines, and your own solos immediately after are also awesome.

Definitely going to agree with OA on the kick situation too - the jungle-esque break usage that you've got going on isn't bad, but I feel like another thing that's holding your song back from having a greater punch is the lack of any dominant kick, too. That alone wouldn't be a dealbreaker for me, but the transitions need some work in my opinion, so I'm going to opt for a resub on this. Good luck with the vote!

NO (resubmit!!)

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Lot to like here once the main song kicks in. You did an awesome job on the sequencing, the synths have a lot of personality. Balance sounds good, maybe a little high-focused.

But ultimately, I'm still going to have to side with Emunator on this. Those handful of transitions are really awkward and should be fixed. It sounds like you're turning down the master volume, and that's an awkward way to do the effect you want. For example, on the first transition into where the drums kick in, if you were to keep it the same where it kicks in after two notes, don't mess with the master volume. Try making the notes half the length, and maybe even cutting off the reverb quickly. It will suggest a dropout but in a way the listener is more used to. PM me if you want more of an explanation.

Sorry that this comes down to a very small percentage of the song, but sometimes that's how it goes. You may also want to brighten the guitar while you're fixing things up.

NO (resubmit)

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The new kick is still not genre-appropriate. It should have more body and less attack. But whatever, I'm not gonna call that a dealbreaker.

I really like the writing and the energy. I think where this track loses steam is that the arrangement goes on too long with the same groove. You use similar ideas to mix it up, such as stutter edits, filter sweeps, shredding solos, etc. These ideas are all cool the first time I hear them, but then you keep using the same few ideas, and they get predictable and lose their impact. Close, and this track has a lot of potential, but I would get rid of some of the ear candy and make sure the arrangement keeps your attention.


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Oooh, I really like the energy of this track.

Yeah, transitions are definitely problematic. 1:57 was CLOSE, but didn't feel like it brought up the energy quite enough leading into the change. For the drop-out transitions, you could also try automating a low pass or high pass filter to get a more interesting fade down

2:50's filter effect felt a bit gimmicky to me and didn't seem to really add to the track. It's an interesting idea, it just didn't sound like it was executed right.

Yes, liten to Palp: brighten that guitar to cut through more!

Don't get me wrong, what you have here is very cool, it just hasn't quite reached its potential. I hope you take the opportunity to make some fixes with so much feedback in this thread. Don't get discouraged, it really is almost there.

NO resubmit, please

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