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2013 New Year Resolutions!


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I did not do well to put new projects aside to rebuild and restructure what I already have, but I'm definitely doing much better than I did this time last year. I never did get around to reading my orchestral and EDM textbooks, but I do have better opportunities right now than I've ever had, and I need to chase those first.

Happy to also say the incredulously long wait for Seiken Densetsu 3 project to be done is nearing its end for realz. It was also worth the wait, as if we had released it before now, we would have missed out on some GREAT tracks and an interview with Hiroki Kikuta himself. Just need a couple more finished tracks in and BOOM, evaluation time. Still not 100% finished, but those of you who are impatient will have nothing to be impatient about (totally not looking at you, Brandon ;)).

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Learn learn learn.

Programming. Karate. Guitar. Piano. Production.

These will certainly take much longer than a single year but I want to learn something significant in at least three of these.

Made some strides in programming, guitar, and production; I doubt they count as significant though.

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1: Lose some weight. At least 10lbs, preferably more. My ultimate goal is to be able to wear a full out Super Sentai/Power Rangers spandex outfit to conventions and actually look good in it.

I've given up on the cosplay idea (and potentially on cosplay in general; still keep up with the culture, but I don't have much desire to dress up myself outside of Halloween anymore). As for losing weight, I haven't really made much progress on that specifically, but I have recently changed my situation to allow for that to happen this year, theoretically. For example, the exercise bike in my bedroom. XD

2: Get back into music. I haven't made a MIDI in years, and it's high time I bumped my production level up. I want at least one remix on this site. Using my own blood, sweat, and tears as opposed to the one mix I have now that's basically a technicality.
Yes! Admittedly, I hopped in Brandon's Final Fantasy compo and then got eliminated in round 1, but I'm making music again. So excite.
3: Do something about this woman I've had a crush on for four years that I've been unable to ask out that entire time for multiple reasons that were neither of our faults. I'd be happy (and slightly disappointed) to remain her friend, or would love to go out on at least one date with her, but I'm tired of being stuck between the two options with no idea how she feels.
I eventually decided not to even bother bringing it up with her and just remaining her friend without her ever knowing I had a crush. Seeing as how I haven't physically seen her since I made this post due to our mutually busy schedules (though I do talk to her on Facebook occasionally), I doubt a relationship would've worked anyways.

So that's 2 out of 3 goals in a sense, with the original one kind of half way. That was actually pretty good!

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Fitness goals:

* 2013 pullups in 2013

NO (Resumbit) - didn't quite get 2013, but i started adding 45lb weights to them. Still did not achieve. Will try 2014 this coming year.

Fitness goals:

* increase bench, squat, deadlift to 250 each

235 / 295 / 405

NO (Resubmit)

So close! :'-( I think a little better management of calories so I am eating enough to fuel myself for heavier benches and I will get 250 for sure for bench in 2014. 250 for squats is pretty doable, and I literally laugh at 250 deadlifts.

Music goals:

* Original EP

* OverClocked University album

NO (Resubmit)

Original EP is written but nothing besides midi, so big fail there; OCU album is being printed at nationwide disc literally right now and will be at Stevo's before the end of the year, so that one is safely checked off.

Fun goals:

* Complete foiling out my modern MTG deck (currently 52/60)

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Great work to everyone, resolutions kept or not; the purpose of them isn't always to reach the goal, but to be mindful of your life and give you objective to strive for. Meeting them is just the bonus. :-)

Wise words, my friend .) You've still got most of a month left, and it sounds like you're pretty close on at least the one thing. There is hope yet!

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-Submit at least one ReMix.
Hahahahahaha! No...
-Find a part-time job that I enjoy.
Well...I had a great internship. I think I can get a job by next year.
-Lose a little more weight (currently 192 lbs).
178 lbs! I feel better because of it.
-Become familiar with almost all the piano chords.
...kind of? I need to do better.
-Become more organized, using lists, calenders, etc.
-Get an apartment, and partially pay for it (rather than my parents doing so).
It's a psuedo-apartment, but by next year I'll be paying for my own place.
-Finish or start finishing my Senior Project (probably writing a book or a study)
I'm about 1/3 of the way there.

It's been a good year overall. Next year looks better!

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I've heard that putting the exercise bike in front of the TV is effective. Watch series and game while working out. Sounded like a good tip, haven't tried mysel.


That's exactly why it's in my bedroom. My TV's attached to a tilt stand on my entertainment center so I can twist it left and have it pointed right at my face when I'm on the bike. Makes the time pass by much quicker.

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Ok, so let's see how I did!

  • Pick back up calligraphy (had to set this aside 4 years back, but I still have all my brushes and ink)
  • Study 50% of the material I have for the JLPT N1 (my long-term goal is to pass N1 by December 2014)

  • (NOPE) Haven't even touched a brush in the last year...
  • (YES!) I'm actually over the 50% mark and it looks like I'm on-track for next December!

  • Translate the remaining Lunar manga (3 volumes) I have yet to translate
  • Translate 2 of the Lunar drama CDs
  • Start the Magical School Lunar Let's Play I've been planning for years
  • Clear 50% of my game backlog

  • (NOPE) Didn't even get started on this translation project...
  • (NO!) Nor this one...
  • (NO, RESUBMIT) Nor this one! ...grumble...
  • (YES!) I'm playing Grandia (Saturn) now, before that it was the entire Mass Effect series (three times over), and Policenauts (Saturn). I didn't do a formal count, but I definitely made a big dent in the list of games I've been meaning to play for the last decade.

  • My work-related goals are important, but they'll sound dull if I list them here

  • (YES?) Yeah, work has actually gone quite well.

So all-in-all, not bad actually. The only main thing that fell through were the translation projects, and for those I had a good reason: I spent most of that time fixing up the LunarNET site and completing the entire 9-part games section to where there's a ton more content (plus all the soundtracks). Maybe next year I can get to those translation efforts. KF

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