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Buster's Elements of Adventure (Tiny Toon Remix)


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Remix Name: Buster's Elements of Adventure

Listen Link: https://soundcloud.com/key-jay/busters-elements-of-adventure/s-DQDzd


Original Track Name(s): Sandopolis Zone (Act 1 and Act 2)

Original Game: Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

Platform: Sega Genesis

Year Released: February 7, 1993 (North America)

Original Composers:

Shinji Tasaka

Hideto Inoue

Tsuyoshi Sekito

Original Source Material:

Cavern Theme:

Volcano Theme:

Water Theme:


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Certainly an eclectic mix of instruments, and lots of gear changes. I think the last chord was lacking a bit of bass, somehow. I think something didn't render right, right there.

Otherwise... well, I was kinda confused by this for the most part. I think it's passable, though I'm not familiar with the sources.

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So apparently, the Water source is by Mendelssohn, or so a YT commenter says.

It's a really fun arrangement. Lots of fun sound design there as well. Guitar is a bit loud in the mix, and if you drop that, you might have to drop the drums a bit too.

Can't come up with a lot of issues on the production side of things, but the arrangement feels a bit like a medley, and I'm not that familiar with the sources so I can only ay that they're there, not how well they're really used together. Feels like a medley tho. Structurally sound, but source-wise a bit too much like a medley. Source A, source B, source A source C, etc, that kind of thing.

I don't mind the last note's lack of bass, it sounds deliberate imo.

So if this gets rejected, it's on the basis of the source usage, imo. The rest sounds good. Nice work, really fun track. :D

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