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Jamison Randall - "Grand Scheme" FREE ALBUM RELEASE


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GRAND SCHEME DOWNLOAD (free/pay-what-you-want!) http://www.jrdubstep.bandcamp.com/album/grand-scheme

My first release on 9-bit Records, “Grand Scheme,” is a variety EDM album with an underlying chiptune element, and it's my biggest and best project thus far. :) Featuring 45 minutes of completely original material as well as five remixes from other very respected artists (including Flexstyle), “Grand Scheme” starts off fun and energetic, and gradually becomes contemplative as the album progresses. That being said, there is surely something for everyone enjoy within “Grand Scheme.” So enjoy!!

Note: “Grand Scheme” is a free album. However, donations are accepted (and very much appreciated!), and all money donated goes into making new, better music! More importantly though, the only thing I do ask of you is to share this album with friends, and spread the word about my music. Thank you!

If you're interested, there is a listening 'party' currently going on in turntable.fm, in the room "club meem." LIsten in! http://turntable.fm/club_meem

In addition, on Sunday there will be a listening party on KyleJCRB's and Liontamer's Nitro Game Injection on Arecibo Radio! Tune in for that as well if you feel like it :D


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