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Hole-y Guitar


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I get a guitar! (FF fanfare)

A friend of a friend was getting rid of junk from his garage, and he was just going to throw it out, but iv always been curious bout learnin guitar, so i saved it. Its not flawless, far from it. In fact it has a large hole in the side. If you hold it by the neck, strings out, there would be a hole as big as a fist next to your left foot. I was wondering what would do with the sound?

Also i'l need to get some strings, and a pick i beleive. Any brands to stay away from/levitate toward, string wise? I hvnt done any research on beginer books/sites yet either, but if any come to mind that are highly recomended, i'd be much obliged! Thanks heaps!

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Your shit is jacked.


DJV: you can probably still practice fingering and chords on it, but I imagine it's going to sound like crap.


QFE. Ya, sound = not good.

And lessons/books are overrated, especially if you are good at music to start with. Just learn the tunings (E-A-D-G-B-E, starting from lowest sound) and head off from there. As for strings, when you are a beginner with a guitar with a hole the size of your fist, strings aren't going to matter much :wink:

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