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Zelda: Link to the Past 2 (3DS) and EarthBound is Finally Re-released

Meteo Xavier

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If you read it through, I said I thought it would be a fantastic 3d game, considering the design.

I know the game has been completely redone. It's not a problem with what's in the game. In fact, I think it's going to be a great game! I'm just disappointed that they're "playing it safe," as usual...

So you think that they are "playing it safe" by making the game in a style that fans have been clamoring for, but hasn't been done since 2005, and one that the type of narrow-minded people who think that "great" games are only stuff like the latest Call of Duty deride as "out-dated", rather than making it another 3-D title like Skyward Sword, the very game you just finished ranting about? I feel like you haven't really stated your case at all and what you are saying is just a thinly veiled attempt at justifying your own irrational prejudice against the top-down, 2-D style gameplay.

Quite frankly nobody has seen enough of the game to be able to judge its gameplay at all, so deriding it for design choices at this point is absurd and a clear indicator of bias, but beside that, 2-D actually has more potential for creativity because you aren't hampered by as many camera and control requirements and you have so much more overhead to work with thanks to reduced graphics needs (which I feel they are squandering with the unimpressive 3-D models, but that's a personal art preference thing and hardly an objective criticism of the game).

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