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  1. Aaaand we've just become part of a social experiment conducted by Nintendo to hammer home the dangers of texting and driving.
  2. holyshitelectricalparade! Gimmicky, but they know how to punch you right in the nostalgia.
  3. Given the nature of the song you chose, why not go for a piece of music with a country vibe that accompanied another mountain-scaling level? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtZFsjnBwmU
  4. Wouldn't be the first time.
  5. ¿Are they hanging from the bodies, or are they illegal immigrant question marks and hanging from their tails?
  6. Minish Cap was my favorite 3D Zelda game. I'm so glad it was NEW and avoided being "top-down."
  7. As far as the buffitude goes, it's not unreasonable to think he would have experienced a ton of muscle atrophy during his time being immobilized in a coma.
  8. That and the word "lift" rather than "elevator."
  9. I recently came across this, and it damn near got a tear out of me: http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/6357116_700b.jpg To be honest, the moment in Skyword Sword in which Zelda sealed herself away really got to me when I first played it. The games generally get better and better at engaging the heart, even if the gameplay doesn't necessarily evolve all that much.
  10. Is that the infamous Bramble Blast I hear making a cameo at 3:28 - 3:38?
  11. I was rather pleased with the soundtrack to Braid. Admittedly, it wasn't exactly a lengthy soundtrack, but I loved the way the music changed as the mood and setting of the game got progressively darker and more twisted.
  12. I'm going to go ahead and agree that 2 seconds of this song are near identical (0:07 - 0:09), but that's about it. I can see why that little tidbit would bring Saria's Song to mind.
  13. Looks like Snake's in this one, too. Bottom right, sitting and leaning over, next to #34.
  14. Dissidia had such potential. The villains, in general, were done wonderfully. Garland, in particular, was just given so much more... meat. The heroes on the other hand... well, I found it odd that the two toughest, ballsiest, no-nonsense characters were the girl and the kid. The game took characters who in their respective games had become epically heroic and reverted them to the mindset of "I'm fighting for friendship!" It got annoying really quickly. Their journeys in Dissidia were hampered annoyingly frequently by "But, gee, what about my friends? Life is so hard!" It was laughable. Terra, on the other hand? Her biggest worry was that she would flip out and murder the fuck out of everyone. Given, I never played Duodecim. Perhaps the characterization was improved?
  15. The music nerd in me caught onto that immediately. I turned to my friend and asked "Dude, isn't that the 'Gandalf just died, but not really" theme?" Glad to see LotR music is so lasting, I guess. On a separate note, did anyone feel that the Scarecrow scenes were almost an homage to the Burton style of Batman? I mean, I don't really feel like his comically tall desk with its flowing rolls of paper fit with the more serious theme of the movie. Add in the pristine white snow, and I almost expected to hear some Elfman music start playing.
  16. I went to see Seeking a Friend for the End of the World the other day. Now, I'm going to assume no one cares about implicit spoilers for the movie. During the last minute or so of the film, my girlfriend was getting all teary. While admittedly a sad and bittersweet ending, all I could do was marvel over its similarities to the Anju and Kafei scene as they stand side by side, ready to greet the end of the world together, so long as they have one another. THAT scene got me back in the day, and remains one of the strongest moments in a video game, to me.
  17. Legend of Dragoon, for two reasons: 1) The ending, when Rose and Dart's dad turn into birds or some shit. I honestly don't remember, having played it a long time ago, but I remember it tugging a bit on the ol' heartstrings. 2) The god-awful voice acting. Also, I have to mention how perfectly the final sequence of Crisis Core was pulled off. The whole DMW mechanic seemed arbitrary at first, but was redeemed in the end as we see Zack struggling to hold onto his memories as he gets riddled with bullets, finally breaking when his memories of Aeris (and the entire DMW) break. It really worked well.
  18. Personally, I've always felt WindWaker did a great job bringing multidimensional personalities to the table, particularly with Ganondorf. In that aspect, it even trumps SS, since the villain was, once again, evil just for the sake of being evil. Windwaker made Ganondorf into a wonderfully sympathetic villain. Finally, we were shown some of his motives for striving to take over Hyrule. On top of that, the thousands of years locked away seemed to have done him well, to the point where he was far less ruthless, and willing to let Link and Zelda live, so long as he got his dream. To me, WW made the player feel a sense of regret at finally killing Ganondorf, a sentiment that Zelda games have yet to replicate.
  19. how was he not in this movie?!
  20. Super Mario Fucking Sunshine. Seriously. On both counts. Those missions where Mario drops acid and loses his hydrojetpack resulted in a ton of shouting, cussing, punching, and controller throwing back in my undergrad apartment. Then you get to the final boss after traveling through a volcano and fight some fat asshole in a toxic bathtub. Add in horrible voices and you have one hell of an unsatisfying ending.
  21. Again, TP's bosses were much more enjoyable than SS's, overall. They felt so damn epic! Much more epic than a Cthulhu impressionist who looked like he got rejected from a Jamaican knockoff of Monsters Inc. Ashei is too quickly forgotten. She needs a spinoff with Groose. Their babies would be badass.
  22. ... Wait a tic... Given that Zelda games don't follow an iron-clad connection from one to another, and that the games can be interpreted to be, themselves, interpretations of a series of legends... Skyloftian + Loftwing = Ooocca? The oocca hailed from the Sky Ruins. Perhaps if we consider each game to be a distortion of the "real" history of Hyrule - after all, the portrayal of the sages differs greatly from game to game - the legend told in TP distorts the inhabitants of Skyloft to have been human/bird hybrids.
  23. I truly thought the Silent Realms were the strongest aspect of SS; they were far more challenging than any other part of the game. Then again, I enjoyed the hub labyrinth of Phantom Hourglass - aside from having to go through it multiple times - a lot, too. I guess I'm just a sucker for the pseudo Metal Gear feel. Did people really find SS's bosses more challenging than TP's? I seriously saw no difference. I mean, you could beat the boss of the "Earth" temple by running under his legs and staying at the bottom until he fell back down, running to his side, tossing a bomb into him, and repeating it a few times, instead of the seemingly intentional strategy of staying up top and lobbing bombs at him until he reached the bottom. That reminds me: I was also pretty miffed at the inclusion of two fire dungeons, once of which was (shocker!) the second temple. It was also kind of a kick in the nuts for them to be like "no, no, no... this is an EARTH temple!" Don't sell me a feces shake and tell me it's strawberry, Nintendo.
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