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OCR02917 - *YES* Getsu Fuuma Den 'Dancing Spirits' *RESUB*


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Last Judgement:



(Getsufuu Maden - Overworld - Main Song in my mix)

(Getsufuu Maden - Prologue)

(Castlevania SOTN - Wandering Ghosts)


00:00 - 01:10 - Original Stuff

00:11 - 02:06 - Getsufuu Maden - Overworld

02:07 - 02:49 - Castlevania - Wandering Ghosts (with some original stuff)

02:50 - 03:14 - Getsufuu Maden - Overworld

03:15 - 04:09 - Getsufuu Maden - Prologue


This is the very first time I'm re-subbing a track. The major complaint about the No'ed remix was compression but I decided to rewrite the whole thing from scratch (also renamed the remix). I just kept the bass and a few leads and added SOTN's wandering Ghosts in between just because I thought it would fit perfectly. Tempo has been raised a bit (I wanted the song to be catchy). The intro has completely been replaced with some more original writing. I am trying to do a Turkish Disco here. I know most of you don't like the synths I use as leads in my mixes so I'm trying to experiment here a bit and hoping you will like it this time :)

I've given this track my best shot and don't think I can improve this any further. Really hoping that it can get through this time :)

Thanks guys for all the feedback/Comments/remarks. I can't explain in words how much I am thankful to you guys because your critique helped me improve my skills so much all over those years!

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Thanks a lot for the arrangement breakdown; everything checked out and was very straightforward.

Gotta say, I'm not a fan of these strings at :17, which sound terribly fake and serve as the lead; they're not awful, but they're so exposed, it just stands out too much. Same with the thin, rigid piano at 1:11 and that corny saw lead at 1:31. You have a good arrangement sense and skill in structuring things, but some (just some) of your lead instrumentation here was bland and undercut the expressiveness of the writing.

From 1:41-on, those criticisms didn't apply much (even though there always room for improvement), and other stuff from earlier like the bass kick, the hand percussion, the backing synths, and brief sine wave cameo (1:23-1:26) sounded smooth, so I like your instrumentation style overall.

The faux-guitar handling the OutRun-esque part of the source chorus at 1:48 isn't really meant to sound like an electric guitar, so that wasn't something to criticize.

Solid transition into the Castlevania melody at 2:24; the acoustic guitar stuff sounded pretty sweet. The piano at 2:59 still had the same fakeness issues, but sounded MUCH better as an accent in the background by not exposing the sample as much.

Smooth transitions using the main source briefly from 3:06-3:14, then finishing the with prologue theme. Aside from the flimsy claps from 3:34-3:49, the instrumentation and soundscapes sounded pretty swanky. Nice close at 3:51 parroting the source. Minor thing, I probably would have added one last note after the final note at 4:08 for a better resolution. Also, the fade was a bit too sudden. No big deal there.

Yeah, another solidly arranged one from Mansoor; this was sweet. Nice to hear him tackle yet another game without an OC ReMix, and one with a unique and interesting tie to the Castlevania series later on. Keep those instrumentation criticisms in mind so you can improve the parts that were too lacking in realism and richness. Otherwise, nice work! Definitely looking forward to your next submission. :-)


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This is pretty fun! Love the opening overall, sets a very dancey mood, and is a strong lead-in for the melody. Your treatments of the source are pretty straightforward, but tastefully done. Larry brings up the point of the samples, and while they aren't super amazing, I think you work with them well here, and they don't sound out of place to me. If I were to nit-pick I would suggest that you work on your humanization on your parts, as they can be a bit stiff. Nice work otherwise.


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Hey, this is some catchy stuff here. I'm not sure what Turkish Disco entails, but I think I like it.

Yeah, gonna echo the samples/sequencing issue. It gets especially noticable on exposed quick note runs like :35, :53, and the aforementioned piano section. In some instances (strings) it's both a sample issue as well as sequencing work, but sometimes it's just an issue of more attention to velocities and writing details (piano)

The acoustic guitar entrance was sweet. I really wanted it to stick around longer :).

This is a case where the arrangment and part writing really overcome the sequencing and production weaknesses.


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I agree that most of the lead instruments sounded a bit stiff and not as expressive as they could be, but the rest of the track was really clicking well, and the acoustic guitar lead was sequenced pretty strongly. I really liked the work done with the bass as well. The constant tradeoff of lead duties also helped draw attention from the individual sample weaknesses. If it had just been the strings and saw, it would have been really driven harder that they weren't as good.

The arrangement was great and the combination of sources worked well together. I think the ending is weak, and could have had more of an exciting flourish to end rather than a somewhat halfassed fade, but the rest of the track is really solid and enjoyable.


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