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Musical Replacement Initiative - Season One, Round Three (SORRY I FORGOT LOL)


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Current News:

Only ONE mix was submitted this round, so no voting needed, by default, King Tiger wins! Here is his track: https://www.box.com/s/9kwb2x4bbmgjguj2zs7r

Also been thinking. The contest seems to have run out of steam, so I'm putting it on hiatus for a while. it WILL come back, but at a later date. I may reformulate it too, I don't know.

T9 - King Tiger - 3

T9 - liquidwind - 2

8 - Cosmic Sounds - 2

T5 - Ectogemia - 1

T5 - Cash and Change - 1


Round 1 mixes: https://www.box.com/s/k675vrnue3jiqes9pzqq

Round 2 mixes: https://www.box.com/s/ipgbb2p4npj6ez84uuu8

Round 3 track:

About Musical Replacement Initiative

Musical Replacement Initiative is intended to give musicians a genre restriction, as to hopefully make them better musicians by potentially working in a genre that they have not tackled yet. In true OCR tradition, all source tunes are from video games, and you must compose an original in the same genre and the same feeling as that source tune.


Participants: You must make an original with STRICT ADHERENCE to the source tune as far as genre, and feeling is concerned. Any actual source usage should be none, to extremely minimal. You may use any instruments you like; you are not restricted to the sonic palette of the source, just the general feeling and genre. By feeling I mean what does it sound like to you? When you close your eyes, what do you see? For example, Burn Bobonga from Chrono Trigger ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-AfvgFfSSk ) makes me think of cavemen dancing around a fire pit, grunting obsceneties at each other. Or something. Auron's Theme from Final Fantasy X ( http://www.youtube.com/watchv=GOu3KIDHqxc ) likewise makes me think of a hitchhiker in a futuristic city. Use this to your advantage, when considering what to do.

I may at times throw in a curveball in the form of a source tune that is really hard to get the feel of, like Bokosuka Wars music. This is to keep things fresh, and challenge participants.

Submissions: All entries must be sent to me by the 12PM PST deadline via PM on the forums, with a link to a reliable host for me to download your mix from. Please don't use Tindeck, as it doesn't give you control over what the filename will be when downloaded. I also recommend you post in this thread that you've submitted your mix, since I know there has been issues in other compos with PM's not being received. Please submit your file as an mp3, preferably encoded at 320kbps, but no less than 192kbps. Filenames must be in the following format:

Artist - Title (Source and Game).mp3


WillRock - The Beginning of Everything (Time's Grasslands - Chrono Cross).mp3

Proper file names mean I can do my job of getting the compliation done and posted faster, which means you get to hear the great music produced by this sooner.


All deadlines are 12 PM (noon) Eastern time (EST).


Votes should be based on, in roughly descending order:

-How much the original feels like the source tune. Can it be put into the game in the source tunes place?

-Usage of source is a no-no here. Any actual source usage should be extremely limited.




Please vote via PM to me, with your top three. The votes I get will be tallied up. For example, if I get a vote and someone is in third place, and I get another vote with that same person in second place, I just add them up at the end of the round. In this example, that person gets 3 points on the round. The person with the most points at the end of the season gets to be that season's champion! You may not vote for yourself.

This said, the points will be handled like this:

1st Place: 3 points

2nd Place: 2 points

3rd Place: 1 point

I will throw in a twist too. During the final round, all points are doubled, like so:

1st Place: 6 points

2nd Place: 4 points

3rd place: 2 points

That means come-from-behind wins are possible.


Entry: Anyone can enter, from veterans to beginners, just post in the thread that you are entering.

Template based on "ReMixing With The Stars", by MindWanderer

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Oh crap, I forgot, I only have one, I was waiting for other mixes to come in, but nope.


Got to keep an eye out for the next round. Now that school's out I can hopefully put more time into these competitions.

Speaking of, when is the next round?

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