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any good free orchestra or strings VSTs?


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Really? Is that the regular price now? I remember it being on sale months ago for that price, but I thought that was a group buy or something.

If that's the reg price now, that's, like, a really awesome deal. 8O

They lowered the price on all of the EWQLSO line (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) by 50% (Despite what they claim, it's basically to get people using their products so they're updgrade to the XP veresion eventually). And I'm with Zircon. Leave Edirol alone, go GPO or Silver. I still prefer GPO's sound to Silver though.

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I gotta throw in my support for EWQLSO Silver. At $100 it's a GREAT value. Everything is pre-panned and processed for you so that getting a good sound out of the library is not impossible.

I really like the strings from that library, also. Very usable in many different genres of music, and they sound great played through a keyboard with the pre-programmed articulations and all that jazz.

I think that's a major factor you should consider when looking for a string library. That is, if you're reserving it for purely orchestral work or if you're planning to branch out with it.

For a song that's mainly techno or rock with some strings in there, any samples would work, really. Realism isn't very important when it comes to a non-orchestral piece, just whatever sounds good in the song.

But yeah, EWQLSO Silver is a great library that's definetly worth $125-150. And the piano and organ that it come with are great too!

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Am I looking in the wrong place? Scitscat.com has EWQLSO for $199, and the XP Upgrade for $195. Was it on sale at one point?

Strange. No, it wasn't on sale.. I guess East/West forced them to raise the price. Brilliant marketing :roll:

I got it from Scitscat off of eBay for $140 and free shipping. That was two months ago. I don't think they changed the price that fast.

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