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OCR02672 - Pilotwings 'You Don't Talk About Flight Club'


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ReMix title kinda wrote itself, didn't it? I'm loving the loungey low-fi jazz here, and it's so nice and chill, at least for the first minute. Then you go and kick it into high gear that kinda reminds me more of low-fi jungle jazz rather than smooth lounge. Great transition there. Sweet ReMix halc.

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It nice that people are recognising the quality of juxtaposition in this mix, as my first worry was that some people's ears wouldn't take to the grainy, porous crunching of the percussion. Anyone that grew up with a console before the 16-bit era may get a nostalgia smack from it, but what it provides music is much more interesting.

I don't think I'd class lo-fi as my favourite genre, or indeed jazz, but halc's prowess with chiptune experimentation does add new flair to the sound of each. The lo parts sound better because of the jazzy parts and vice-versa; a superb tit-for-tat approach that doesn't forget to capture that Pilotwings vibe either.

Lots going on on and below the surface with this one. Quirky and off-kilter, but smarter than your average mix treatment.

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