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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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the pics are saved to the sd card in your 3ds. stick it in your pc and youll find a folder structure much like a digital camera uses

Thanks dude! :-o

They're tiny and the quality is bad and they're not in 3D anymore. :cry:


Here's where I met ocre


I dress like a frog


Making mad cash

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There's another option for posting your pictures, 3DS ImageShare (there's also one that works for Wii U since the recently released update.)

Access from the 3DS browser and share a photo from your sd card. I think it compresses the image, but it may have just been twitter when I tried it last.

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Sorry I haven't been keeping the first post up-to-date!

I added a few more people who posted in the thread that I hadn't got to. I also added in the dream addresses I know and made a new section for other fun dream addresses. I've seen a few around of cool towns, like one with all chickens or squirrels, so if I find any of those I'll put them there. Feel free to post any cool dream towns you guys find as well! I considered adding the QR codes to the first post but it might get too crazy.

Cross on, my friends!

On another note, I'm still waiting for a villager to recommend a police station :( I really want one.

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Coming soon picture of the crew. the brandon, the ocre and the douli.

it was fun, except brandon inertnetz broke at some point :P

as promised:



Brandon was rad enough to play with all those instruments.

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