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Animal Crossing: New Leaf


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a few nintendo goodies i don't need:

Invincibility star (claimed by mirby)

1-up mushroom

Hero's hat

Pipe. (claimed by mirby)


Pikmin sprout hat

Green shell

Toad hat

so if you want them i'll be happy to give them. If you have a varia suit i'm interested.

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I've started the cafe project. There's so little room in my town anymore, between the fruit farm, forest campsite, and the river zigzagging just so a lot of space is unusable for much else. But I feel something I never felt with the GameCube game: that I've been able to make this town my own.

Also, only 17 fish and about 18 bugs left to get for the museum!

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Two white t-shirts? Pah. I made one for more sophisticated players:


And here I am modeling it in my seasonal Seasons-themed room-in-progress.


If you don't want to go through the trouble of taking a picture of the computer, you should be able to get the pattern by visiting my dream town, too. I'm the only Pulpton. :3

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I am hardcore into the flower planting and shrub-finding now. My town is looking generally fabulous but I need to restore all that sweet grass.

Also, Tucker moved into town yesterday, which disappoints me greatly. I can't seem to get any new animal types... Just frogs and other creatures that are already represented in the populace. Gragh.

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