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Animal Crossing: New Leaf


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So there isn't a thread yet. I see y'all playing on my 3DS friends list, I know you're out there.

How is everyone liking it so far? I love the aesthetic changes, and the music is phenomenal. 8AM has quickly become a favourite time to play. I can't wait to unlock more stores and such and start all kinds of public works. I love the game so far!

If anyone cares for it, we can make a list of peoples names and towns and fruits and whatnot! Could be interesting for fruit trading and the like.


Animal Crossers:

(Forum Name: Avatar and Town - Fruit - Dream Address)

Amphibious: Jordan from Iselia - Cherries - 4100-2170-0936

Arrow: Arrow from Onore - Oranges - 4000-2245-2317

Brandon Strader: Brandon from The Cage - Peaches

CinnamonJihad: Phillip from Balamb - Peaches

Darkomega99: Dick from Tristram - Apples

Doulifée: Doulifee from Figaro - Apples

HoopyFrood: Hoofy from Fordton - Oranges

Hylian Lemon: Ben from Pulpton - SECRET

Kanthos: Kanthos from Ascalon - Apples

Favor: Andrew from Corneria - Pears

Mirby: Taylor from Tayloria - Pears

Pika22: Chris from Leaf - Oranges

Thalzon: Corey from Seadney - Oranges

Cool Dream Addresses!

Horror Film Town: 2600-0218-7298

Useful Links and Guides!

Animal Crossing Wiki - A wiki for all things Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing Subreddit - Pretty self-explanatory, sometimes people post cool stuff.

New Leaf Wiki - An alternate wiki focusing on New Leaf specifically.

Thonky Guides and Information - Full of useful information and guides for specific things, from growing hybrid flowers to how every villager likes their coffee.


K.K. and Friends - A remix album by Ben Briggs and ectogemia!

Real-Time Animal Crossing Music - A site that plays the hourly tunes from Animal Crossing based on the actual time. Has options for all Animal Crossing games by clicking the links in the bottom left.

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I've found designing clothes to be pretty fun in this game, with the option of having dresses, long sleeves, short sleeves, or even no sleeves. I'm hoping the furniture customization opens up soon, that'll give me yet another reason to get lost in dis game.

I visited the island for the first time today, its real awesome and a great way to make easy bells. So glad that they brought it back in a big way. Hearing Kapp'n sing again is a nice touch too :P

*EDIT - I suppose when we get some QR codes posted we can keep 'em in the first post for reference. If anyone has some other suggestions for the thread I'm all ears!

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Looks like we've got a great mix of fruit here! I've a question though - Has anyone run across a gyroid yet? I'm afraid that one of my favorite mascots may have been axed from the game...

I've dug up five after a big rain spell. Rest assured sir.. they are still out there. And the little fellas are still dancing.

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Just got the game in the mail and I'm loving it. Working on upgrading my house right now. Has anyone else found a perfect fruit growing on one of their trees? I found a perfect pear today and I'm curious what's special about it.

Also, here's my town details:

Name: Andrew, town: Corneria, fruit: pears

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Arrow from Onore, oranges all up in this piece.

This is actually the first Animal Crossing I've spent more than 5 hours with without getting bored. We'll see whether I can keep the streak going, but this is honestly nice so far.

I think it's because you actually have to unlock various stores and stuff. It really keeps interest going.

Also a few tips.

-If you talk to Isabelle and choose the first option (the advice one) and keep doing what she tells you, at the end she'll give you a watering can.

-Talk to Sable EVERY DAY. She's the one on the sewing machine in the Able Sisters shop. After 10 days of this, you'll unlock the QR code machine. If you just wait 10 days and don't talk to her, you won't get it. And without that, the QR codes we'll inevitably be sharing via this topic will be useless to you.

-Buy a fortune cookie from Nookling's every day. It only costs 2 Play Coins and it's the way to get the cool Nintendo items. It's simple. Buy the cookie, eat it and read the fortune, then talk to Tommy or Timmy and give them the fortune. There are some fortunes that don't get you anything, but for the most part you get some cool things. I already almost have Link's full outfit, I have Samus's helmet, and also the BLUE FALCAWWWWNNN

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[10:01:14 PM] Bleck: playing animal crossing

[10:01:18 PM] Bleck: talk to a villager


[10:01:32 PM] Bleck: o-oh thank you

On a similar note, I shook a tree and a folk guitar fell out

I know K.K. is a DJ now but I think he should at least sell his old equipment, I already had one.

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I just got the Virtual Boy today myself. In addition I have the Triforce, Peach's Parasol, and Olimar's Ship (a tiny model anyway).

I can't help but think how sad and pathetic I am though. I looked everywhere for that damn K.K. last night, but I couldn't find the little bugger! How do you screw up things in Animal Crossing!?

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