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Animal Crossing: K.K. and Friends (legal, fully-licensed remix album from ectogemia and ben briggs)

Benjamin Briggs

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The new Animal Crossing remix album from Ben Briggs and ectogemia is out just in time for New Leaf!

Working with ectogemia (Nathan Becker) on K.K. and Friends has been a really fun and natural experience from start to finish, and we're proud to be finally showcasing the finished product! The music from the Animal Crossing series is fantastic, and we just wanted to tribute that in a way that fans of the games could truly appreciate... what all started from one remix became a huge, wonderful collaboration, and I hope you all love it. Shout-out to OCR's own Shael Riley for accidentally inspiring the entire album with just one tweet. Click the artwork below (by Tron Bonne Art) to download the album from iTunes, Bandcamp, or loudr.fm!


Hope you guys enjoy the tunage! It makes a pretty good alternate soundtrack to New Leaf, we've heard ;D

With love,

-Benjamin Briggs, ectogemia, and K.K. Slider


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Thanks, sir! It was licensed through Joypad Records.

correction: the loudr.fm version was licensed by Joypad. as far as I know, the bandcamp release was licensed through a separate pay-to-use service.

not sure about iTunes but yeah I was told Joypad wasn't involved with the original Bandcamp release

anyway, amphibious, if you release a video game remix album on loudr.fm, joypad takes 30% to cover licensing royalties AND hosting, so it's a pretty sweet deal.

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