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OverClocked University @ Nerdapalooza 2013! Oct. 18-20, Orlando, FL w/ They Might Be Giants!

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Announcement Post: http://nerdapalooza.org/2013/06/25/go-big-or-go-home/

Nerdapalooza website (for all info): http://nerdapalooza.org/

Us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OverclockedUniversity

The Deets: October 18-20, at the Orange Country Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

What it like: It's a three day nerd music festival extravaganza! The short list of bands already announced for this year is already stellar, besides ourselves including:

They Might Be Giants

Moon Hooch

Nerf Herder


The Protomen

MC Lars


The OneUps

Schaffer the Darklord

Adam WarRock

Professor Shyguy



I will give a lock of beard hair to anyone who comes to see us and asks me for it. This is in no way, shape or form a shameless ploy to get you to come see us :)

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Moon Hooch is a pretty random addition there, but they were off the hook as the opener for TMBG a few months ago in Baltimore, so this whole event is just that much more awesome sounding.

Wish I could go. ;_;

It's only 10 hours driving. Then another 10. You got it!

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