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OCR01470 - *YES* Wild Arms 2 'Lord Blazer, the Robot Who Chills with da Peeps'


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Don't know the original - djp

Hey all,

Figured I might as well give this one a chance to see daylight. Oh. Just FYI, I've never played Wild Arms, so this was just my take on the "Lord Blazer" theme.


"Lord Blazer, the Robot who time travels back to current day to chill with da peeps"

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Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Original Soundtrack - 230 - Battle vs Lord Blazer

The reason Dave couldn't recognize an original was because this is actually a Wild Arms 2 mix, which Kunal actually wasn't originally aware of until after he sent this in.

My first reaction listening to this: "What in the fuck???" What a doozy. The arrangement was awfully liberal, but you can hear where he arranged the material from :20-onward of the source, starting at :23.

Slight hiss during the intro, very slight. Opens with some nice strings, followed by a sax-type synth at :12 that I wasn't feeling at all when exposed, but the synth lead at :23 created a decent synthetic texture with the sax synth and bass. Like I said though, the quality of sax synth when it's exposed/upfront is hurtin' me though. This synthorganic hybrid stuff has a surprisingly workable texture, but you're gonna run into problems where some of the artificial-sounding "real" instrumentation sounds bleh compared to the rest.

The piano barging in from :48-:51 was awfully chaotic, but then segued into some beautiful piano playing and comping stuff until 1:10 for a nice contrast. The piano kept quitely adding some stuff for about 20 seconds more, but was a non-factor until returning again at 1:59, and ending with some more subdued but chaotic playing. Good close with the beats, pizz strings and string synths from 2:11 until the end.

Overall, I liked the strangeness of the rhythms/beats here. Though the arrangement was there, everything performance-wise seemed badly off-kilter here to begin with, but you acclimate to it and "figure it out" better over several listens. Not to say that I actually understand this shit well here or anything.

While it's hard to argue that this is cohesive in the traditional sense, the track's nonetheless more structured than it initially sounds. Experimental-type jazz probably won't go over well with some of da peeps out there in VG remix community land, but I'm willing to give this a shot and fuck with their sensibilities.


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Getting a Tomb Raider vibe from that opening. Very cool choice of chords.

The mix does sound very messy, but after each second goes by, it all catches up to your eyes and melds together and you think "Hey, that sounds pretty good."

Issues: Reverb is overused. A touch less on a few of the instruments would've made the mix clearer, and possibly more enjoyable. Mainly on the percussion and brass instruments. Other than that, pretty cool mix. I wish the reverb could be fixed up a little, but the strings really do have me won over.

Comparing it to the source makes it apparent where you got your style from. Even the source is weird. But still pretty cool. I'm liking what you've done with it.


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This definitely has way too much reverb, it's getting muddy.

Personally I think this is a little too out there. As the panel expert on Michiko Naruke 8) - I have to say a lot of the trademark aspects that make her music so great are a bit lacking due to the mixer's conceptual take on this mix - however I freely admit that this is a subjective point. The other aspect, I felt this mix was a bit underdeveloped.

That being said, this is very creative. The chords are hot, and the bass writing is arguably some of the best I've ever heard in this community.

This music reminds me of a lot of keyboard players of the late 80s/early 90s. This reminds me a lot of the Korg M1 and T series demos.

Quality mix all around. YES

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Greetings Kunal Triton! Your mix title is indeed too long, but would you be OK with either

Wild Arms 2 "Lord Blazer, the Robot..."


Wild Arms 2 "Lord Blazer, the Robot who time travels..."

Please let me know what's good for you so we can post it soon! Take care, sir.

Haha, is that what's been holding you guys up? Well, I'd love the whole title, but if not then however much of the title you can fit in is fine with me I guess.

Even if it doesn't make sense :P

I PMed Kunal in order to see how he felt about the name so we could get this up. If you go with Kunal's preference, I think the best we can do (and still keep it sensible :P) is Wild ARMs 2 "Lord Blazer, the Robot who time travels..." or "Lord Blazer, the Robot who time travels back..."; I'll leave it up to you.

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"Lord Blazer, The Robot who Time-Travels"

Just keep the full name in the actual tags, 'cause it rules.

I think it'll just be mentioned in the writeup, much like http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01341/

EDIT: We have a winner!

Also, from djp, re: Wild Arms 2 mix:

<djpretzel> Wild Arms 2 Lord Blazer, The Robot Who Time Travels OC ReMix

<djpretzel> you said I could shorten but not change it

<djpretzel> but the better title would be

<djpretzel> 'Lord Blazer, The Robot Who Chills with da Peeps'

<djpretzel> think he'd be ok with that?

Lemme know what you're ok with, either way, I'll make sure the full title is mentioned in the writeup, much like the full title of Secret of Mana "On the Day the World Changed..."

Yep; seriously whatever you come up with is cool. The title really just me being preposterous, so don't sweat it. Although on my site, I'll probably just keep the title that I have. So yeah, whatever you end up with is fine.


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