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OCR02856 - *YES* Top Gear 2 'Velocity Shift'


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Hello Guys

Sir_NutS over here with another submission, this time, a little bit of backstory: (no time travel this time)

around 2007 I proposed to make a small remix project to a few friends, the game was Top Gear 2, which has an awesome soundtrack and the project was meant to be electronica-only. I gathered around 5 remixers including myself to remix the 5 tracks from the OST. 2 of those remixers couldn't finish their tracks, I was making very slow progress on mine, and the other two were completed. They were bLiNd's "Dance Nation" and Rayza's "Rolling Start".

Back to 2013, I finally finished my track. I've always wanted to make a Psychedelic trance remix for OCR, since there seems to be a lack of representation in that genre. But dealing with this remix made me see why, and it's the reason it took so long.

Psy trance being a bassline-centric genre, where melody usage is almost non-existant, it was very hard to pull a remix that represented the original well while also sounding authentic. Not to mention trying to nail the acid sounds the genre is known for, and then mastering which was a royal pain in the ass. At times, I abandoned the track in anger for months, only to pick it up later, work on it a it, and get frustrated again.

In the last few months I managed to get the track to a point I'm satisfied with it, and I think it sounds authentic enough. I'm a huge fan of Infected Mushrooms and Juno Reactor, and in this track, it shows.

Hope you enjoy it, and i hope we can (finally) have some Psy trance on the site.

The Title: "Velocity Shift"

The original track:

Special thanks to Rayza for providing the audio samples from the game... 7 years ago.


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The track was 4:41-long, so I needed at least 140.5 seconds' worth of overt source usage for it to be dominant within the arrangement.

:30.5-:32, :40.5-:43, 1:24-1:26, 1:30.5-1:32, 1:37.5-1:39, 1:40.75-1:45.5, 1:47.5-1:53, 1:54.5-2:05, 2:31.5-3:09.5, 3:38-4:08, 4:09-4:14, 4:15.5-4:21, 4:22.5-4:28, 4:29.5-4:36 = 120.25 seconds

A looser connection that I'm also counting is 2:05-2:31, which directly follows the note progression of the leads and backing pad from :06-:11 of the source. There's another looser instance of this from 3:12-3:38 of the mix as well. Even if you just count the first instance, that's enough added source usage to put this over the top.

Paneling it is just a formality for me to have the source breakdown on record and also let the other Js enjoy Mike's great work. Short and sweet, it's a great arrangement that evolved nicely, getting at nearly all the various sections of the source. Great companion to the other two TG2 mixes!


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I remember when I first discovered psytrance many a year ago listening to streams on Digitally Imported. I was instantly hooked.

This mix is a great example of why persistence pays off. Production is solid, if not perhaps a bit bright. Nuts pulls of the genre very nicely with the synth choices and writing.

Arrangement is creative without losing sight of the source tune.

It's too bad the project never came to fruition, but I'm glad that we are still enjoying some of the results nonetheless.


PS: theres a subtle bassline at the very end that gets cut off at the end of the track. Not super noticable, but a render with a clean ending would be nice.

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