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Tekken - Anything


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There's only one Tekken remix on this site. Cmon man this series has some great music.

Well, if it helps at all, Timaeus and I did remix some music from Street Fighter X Tekken. Not full Tekken, but hey it's close.


Hopefully it will pass the panel. We submitted it quite a while ago.

Anyway, I do agree. Tekken Tag 2 has some epic music in dire need of the OCR treatment.

This is the best Tekken mix I've heard in awhile, but it's not on OCR.


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I was thinking of trying to set up a tekken remix album someday, when im more capable of remixing. i think people would enjoy that sorta thing. the games have excellent OSTs and the songs have plenty of interesting material in them to work with. The main problem is that there arent many tekken Midis which Is not an issue for everyone, but still an issue for many of us.

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