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Can we get some more thread categories?

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I'm really not trying to be "that guy," but I've always been kind of annoyed with the thread posts on this site. Specifically "community". The main thing is the majority of the posts there aren't really related to general community chat, rather, they're about either consoles or games that just came out. Now, I like giving my input on that and all, but it REALLY deserves it's own category. That and the constant stream of posts along the lines of "That one thing you've probably never heard of is released!" and "Album Kickstarter...".

These kinds of posts are either advertisements or are directed for a specific audience, and frankly I find it hard to participate on this site because of it. Yeah, there's an "Off Topic" thread, but it's rarely used, let alone looked at. I think it would be really beneficial to have more organization in the forums.

Sorry if sound like an ass; I don't mean to. I just want to participate but I find it hard to do so...

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